Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How my Psychiatrist felt

Today I saw my psychiatrist.

And I remembered well how God seemed to make me want to take a job at this overseas company.

So I told the doctor.

I told the doctor that I told God, that if God really wants me to get this job, then I really thought I should have a wife accompany me, or be there to help me in some form.

By the end of the discussion, the doctor seemed to think I really needed to find a girlfriend. She seemed interested in how I was going to start dating now that I don't bother with my old church anymore.

There are lots of pretty girls in my home area - as I have noticed when I'm hanging around outside. I guess it's just a matter of getting to talks with any one or number of them. I have to build my confidence.

So --- Basically, the short of the story is::: God seemed to make me want to apply for a job, I want a girlfriend if I'm going to work, and my psychiatrist seemed interested in how I was going to find a girlfriend.

We'll see how this works out. We'll see if there's a woman interested in becoming my so-called "help-mate". :)

And really, the only reason I'm not freakin' out of my mind that I'm actually interested in doing this is because God sincerely seems to be making me emotionally capable of wanting to do this.

My old Stake President, who I stopped trusting after a long time --- even he said that the Holy Ghost will communicate as a sort of sense of encouragement, and if I felt encouraged to do anything - it's this (though, God has eased off on a large part of those feelings, just leaving me with a memory that this would be a good thing to do - a good path in life to take).


I should also note and say or mention that my Psychiatrist has seen real improvement in my condition over the past 2 years --- she never thought she would see me get to this level of mental capability or whatever I am. So, the doctor said that 2 years ago she thought I'd never get this far, and I have improved so much.

My nurse said I have really improved in the past 3 months. Yay.


I tried the Luge at Canada Olympic Park today, just up the hill from where I live. First time.

Their tagline on the ticket is "Once is never enough". It's apparently the longest Luge in the world, and I got a ticket to go 3 times for my birthday.

When I finally sat down in the little cart, it was noticeable that my belly was going to be a problem, so they decided I needed a special cart, I think with longer handles. That cart I could handle.

The trip down the hill is fun, but it really exercises your arms --- and well, really, once was enough for me --- I doubted my poor arms could've handled a second time down.

My tickets expire soon, so I kind of thought I could let the giver have a go at the ride. Yay.

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