Sunday, August 24, 2014

How do I respond to an interesting Job Offer?

OK, so a day or two ago I received a job offer from an overseas company that pays a salary that I thought looked pretty decent.

It would involve such a huge change in lifestyle, I think, to work for this company. Like, if I had to travel overseas (or even travel anywhere), I would tell myself that I HAVE to get married in order to do this. I would really need a travel companion, and if it's a loving female companion then that would make the most sense.

of course, where I am at right now in life, it's kind of difficult to conceive this happening. I'd have to wait a while to see what comes along (which means the job offer would have to last a while before I responded) and then see if I can make anything work out.

The reason I'm writing about this is because I do actually feel a great spiritual pull or tug on my soul that seems to be driving me to want this job -- which is really strange because I would have thought I'd be xenophobic or something.

The company that sent the job offer, as near as I can tell, is based in a country that has a great deal of faith --- and I think they might be praying to God for me to come to them, as that would explain why I have recurring feelings of "wanting" to go take this job.

Though there are differences in religion, it's not unlikely that their God is the same as my God, just under a different name or title (that's what I think it is in my opinion actually, I've discussed this with my father before and this is the conclusion we have drawn).

So, I don't know why our religious belief is so different in some areas if we believe in essentially the same God --- all I know is I sense this force over my soul that makes me want to take the job, and I suppose it might be because of someone's prayers.

The biggest excuse I have for not acting on these urges right now are that I don't have anyone to travel with, I have no wife or travel companion or anyone to love. That's my biggest excuse (and if I started getting scared I could probably come up with more. :) )

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