Friday, August 8, 2014

Further Mormon Study

yesterday I talked about Nephi saying "The law is dead and ought to be done away" while wicked King Noah tried to follow the law and be saved by the law.

It's interesting to note that in the D&C Joseph Smith instructs the saints to "cease to find fault one with another" whilst Abinadi in the BoM can only seem to criticize King Noah's efforts to follow the law.

Now::: Remember Alma and Amulek? They had that little dialogue with Zeezrom where we discover that we are SAVED FROM SIN -- not saved in our sins.

So, here we have King Noah who believes the Law of Moses brings salvation -- which agrees seemingly with Alma and Amulek --- and though Jesus teaches against fault finding here we have Abinadi criticizing King Noah's effort to actually follow the law, saying that it's Jesus Christ who truly saves. And then Nephi says the law is dead and ought to be done away while we find life in Christ who says "forgive everything".

The Book of Mormon even says hypocrites cannot be saved --- and in reality, the Book of Mormon is just one big hypocritical book.

I'll try to create a list about who agrees with who in the book of Mormon from the above dialogue:::

Alma and Amulek agree with King Noah that the LAW saves us.
Abinadi likes to criticize and say Christ is salvation, which agrees with Nephi who says the law is dead and ought to be done away.

Abinadi: if Christ is salvation, why are you criticizing King Noah's effort to be saved through the law, if being saved from sin is how Christ saves? And Christ doesn't allow you to find fault, so why are you criticizing Noah for his effort to agree with Alma and Amulek? And then Nephi sits there saying "The law is dead".

Basically:::: This book is looking just like a bunch of nonsense right now. Just complete nonsense.

Being saved from sin is Christ's way, but Nephi believes the law ought to be done away.

Christ's way is to not find fault and to forgive, yet Abinadi is only criticizing the wicked King for failing to follow the law perfectly despite knowing the law is going to save him.

Alma and Amulek think we are saved FROM sin-----

Basically, I could go in circles about this, I'm not sure I'm explaining myself very well but these characters in the BoM just say things and in the end none of it is logical at all.

Abinadi likes to criticize and proclaim Christ even though Christ would have Abinadi forgive and not criticize.

Nephi likes to say the law ought to be done away and then proclaim Christ.

And Alma and Almulek agree with King Noah in being saved from sin, or rather obedience to the Law.

It's all just nonsense. I want to get as far away from the LDS church as possible now. Goodbye mormonism.

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