Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Doctrines of things done in secret in Christianity and Mormonism

SO: In the bible, Jesus said something about how things done in secret/private will be brought out into the open - into public.

While in the D&C, Joseph Smith says that if someone offends privately then the offence should be dealt with privately and should never be exposed so as to somehow protect the offender.

(I think it's interesting that Joseph Smith liked protecting offenders and punishing victims, but that's a different topic)

Anyway - I was thinking about my own life, how I believe the ghost of my grandmother sexually molested me right after she died, and how I kept the whole thing secret for quite a while.

You see, according to Joseph Smith in the D&C, I was SUPPOSED to keep my little offence with my grandmother private and between just the two of us. Of course, I also prayed to God about it.

So why did I ever start to discuss this occurrence in the first place? In a General Conference talk President Hinckley said that if we have confessed a sin to God, then we should probably confess it to our Bishops too anyway. I confessed this fiasco to the Bishop because it's what President Hinckley wanted.

Now: here's the problem::: The bishop wouldn't even blame my grandma (which is a form of forgiveness for her) and as was standard policy back then I was punished upon confession of the sin.

So, in LDS doctrine, if we didn't forgive grandma I'd be condemned of the greater sin, and even if we do forgive grandma - I was still condemned anyway.

It was a situation that punishes a sexual abuse victim.

If the church truly followed their doctrine of forgiveness, they would have automatically forgiven me for masturbating. But they decided to punish me instead.

(on a side note --- it's weird how this bishop so easily forgave dishonest abusive and angry behaviour from another person so easily but a little harmless masturbation problem gets punished so quickly)

Anywho::: If I really had to keep a private offence private, as Joseph Smith directs, what was the point of telling the Bishop? The bishop just "forgives" the offender and then punishes the victim it seems like.

I mean, if the church wasn't so busy being so critical and condemning of masturbation - I might never have told anyone my suspicions about my grandma, but they demanded I confess something (something they criticize a lot) and they only punished me for it despite their doctrine of forgiveness.

Anyway --- I actually think Jesus' doctrine of bringing things into the public is A LOT BETTER than Joseph Smith's doctrine of keeping a private offence hidden.

Also: It appears the LDS church is just plain dysfunctional and doesn't work. Maybe it would have worked better if they actually followed their doctrine properly - but it might not've just because Joseph Smith may have screwed up somewhere in his "revelations".

So yeah -- Jesus is way better than J Smith and the LDS church is dysfunctional - in my experience and opinion.

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