Friday, August 22, 2014

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So, I released my 3rd video game "Air Defence" on OUYA, and posted the complimentary blog post on about it.

One person, innocently, asked me if I could or would release a free demo of the game. I gave my reasons for why I would like to charge the small fee I charge.

Then someone, an admin, I think, said it was OK to charge a fee and I didn't need to justify or explain myself.

Then some more people came on the thread, and I think someone said something about how my game looks bad enough that they won't buy it.

I responded saying I'm not an artist and it's true that my game is only mildly to moderately amusing, and if you don't want it then don't buy it. I'm just a little upset how a product could be sold for free hundreds of times, but a small price tag drastically reduces sales.

And then, after I made that post, I got an email from some company with YET AGAIN ANOTHER job offer. This "looks" like the most legit job offer yet, but it would involve such a huge change in lifestyle I'm not sure I'd go for it. I'm comfortable where I am.

Anyway ---- it's very interesting how I consider my own game to be only a little amusing, another person on the forum said something negative about the way it looks, and in my own home I only hear positive comments about the game.

Yeah. I don't know. It's just weird how there had to be a negative comment about the art of my game on my game's forum post, then saying they won't be purchasing it, and like, this is the kind of treatment I get all the time - like on Avril's forum years ago, on amazon, on barnes and noble, and now it's come to Ouyaforum too.

Anyway, just amazing how someone decided to pipe up about how crappy my game looks and how they don't want to purchase it. They seemed like they were trying to be polite, but I've had so much garbage thrown at me over the years I really have to wonder.

Anyway --- Apparently my game looks like crap but my the family in my own household seemed to like it anyway. On one hand someone had to deliberately chime in and be negative about my game while in my personal situation I hear nothing but positive comments about it.

At the end of my last post I said I don't care to discuss it anymore. Yeah - I guess I'm just a really crappy content provider who's trying to make a buck.


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