Thursday, July 10, 2014

Word of God vs Faults of Men

You know how LDS people like going around touting The Book of Mormon as the word of God? They say the bible is the word of God too -- but only as far as it's translated correctly. This means that the Book of Mormon takes precedence over the bible, and is often seen as an infallible source on God's word.

There is a problem however:

Right on the title page of the book of mormon, right at the end of the little blurb by Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith admits that there may be error in the BoM and that the book may contains mistakes or incorrectness due to the faults of men writing the documents or whatever.


And it is clear is so many ways that The Book of Mormon is, in fact, a very flawed book in at least a few ways.

Why is it that LDS church leaders like getting up in front of everyone and saying that The BoM is the MOST CORRECT BOOK of any book on earth, when right on the title page J Smith admits there might be mistakes and errors in the text of any form?

So, the LDS church goes around treating the BoM like it's the infallible word of God, shoving it down everyone's throats, when in fact Joseph Smith makes it clear right on the front page that the book could be wrong in any number of ways.

And yes, after careful study and research, it can be clearly understood that the BoM is wrong in at LEAST a few ways.

They treat the book like it's absolute law, but when you figure out it has errors it's kind of difficult to take any of it seriously.

Just a thought.

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