Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Life Can be like

Imagine you were growing up, and you became friends with someone, and your friendship grew and developed and lasted a few years and you thought it was wonderful and it's going well and then -- suddenly, someone who thinks they have authority over you or your friend decides that the friendship is over --- you can no longer be friends after years of happy goodness and any future happy goodness is put to an end, the goodness stops.

Imagine someone else came along, and decided they wanted to be your friend as well, and, in fact, this friend likes you so much that they go to great expense to make you feel loved and the two of you are good friends for a couple years and it's wonderful because of how chemically compatible you are and then --- yet again, someone who thinks they have authority over you decides that it's time for the friendship to be over and there will be no more future happy friendship goodness.

So, you had two good friends, both friendships lasted at least two years each, and both friendships are ended by someone who thinks they have the right to control your life.

You just wasted at least FOUR years of your life trying to develop happy friendships that just weren't allowed to go on just because some A-Hole decided he didn't like you be friends with your friends, and forced the friendship to end.

You try to develop a new friend, but the only candidates for "new friend" you can find decide they don't want to be your friend because you already had two friends before in your life, and these individuals would prefer if they were your first friend ever, so as to not feel second-class.

So, you wasted at least 4 years of your life trying to develop happy friendships that weren't allowed to go on just because someone made a decision to control you, and any possible friend after that isn't likely to succeed anyway.

Now, you have to realize that this is what the LDS church did to me. I had good friends, happy friendships, lasting years, and all the development of those friendships ended just because someone who thought they had authority in the church decided it should end --- they were just controlling you and wouldn't even let you have a say in making your own choice in the matter.

This is how the LDS church treated me. Doesn't matter how much you two like each other, doesn't matter how long you've already been friends, the LDS church can just end the friendship right then and there despite talk of Liberty and Constitutional Freedom of Association because they feel they have the right to control you. Huh.

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