Monday, July 21, 2014

Too Much to know - too much information out there

I have a lot of free time.

I find that there is so much information out there, there are so many news stories as well as occurrences in my own life and all kinds of interesting stuff all over the place --- even with all my free time it's tough to keep up to date on all the happenings.

It probably doesn't help that my brain is a broken record that keeps thinking and repeating the same old garbage about the same old problems either --- I have a few friends, and I really have to apologize or repent (or something) of how I'll send a message from time to time repeating a re-wording on an old issue. It's sad.

I feel sad that I'm so self-centred, thinking about my own problems of old so much as spamming people I know about these issues like a broken record. And then, it's clear I'm self-centred because people don't talk to me about their lives very much, I'm much better at talking about myself than listening to someone else, you know? I don't like this about myself. I should be able to listen.

Anyway --- there is just so much information out there, there are so many books, news stories, movies, tv shows, video games, there is just so much and even with all my free time I have a hard time dealing with or thinking about it all.

Imagine how tough it must be to be a national leader::: according to the book 2030 by Albert Brooks (One big novel I actually managed to completely read - believe it or not) the US President sees so much more news and information about things than the average person watching a news channel --- therefore if I'm having difficulty with all the information coming my way from such limited sources, imagine how tough it is on a world or national leader today.

So - yeah, just sooo much information out there, some of it is completely useless, maybe entertaining, but even the important stuff flies by me and is easily forgotten.

That's the other thing::: there is so much information out there, and regardless of how important it is, it is so easily forgettable. I recently found one item in my stuff I actually had no idea I ever owned --- I acquired it and completely forgot about it until I found it again.

So, too much information, all that information is easily forgotten, and my brain is a broken record that keeps playing the same old garbage over and over again. So sad. hah. :)

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