Monday, July 7, 2014

The number 77(7) and stuff

So, a few weeks ago I finally decided it was time to replace an old computer in our house, with something new.

It's just strange, because this old computer, from the time it was purchased to the day before it was replaced, lasted exactly 7 years, 7 months and 25 days (777).

Anyway, it's also interesting that in my Unity 3d work that the very first time in my life that I tried playing with models and animations in a 3d environment, I managed to start the work and successfully figure stuff out all on July 7th 2014 (777).

So there: an old computer is replaced that lasted 777, and the very first day I delve into 3d animation, I manage to figure it out enough on a day represented by 777. So interesting.


My thoughts for today about the LDS church are these:

You know how in mormonism you are taught that you are trying to be like Jesus? You make such an effort to become a God in mormonism, trying to be like Jesus, and they always emphasize that scripture in the bible about becoming one with God, as though it helps them win an argument against other factions.

But here's a problem::: the Mormons are constantly "trying to be like Jesus" without actually ever being able to attain exact perfection. There are numerous reasons for this, but here's a biggie:: In the church, the normal member is REQUIRED TO FORGIVE EVERYTHING. Jesus Christ on the other hand, gets to choose and pick and decide between what he forgives and what he punishes.

So:: if I were trying to be like Jesus, wouldn't I also forgive what he forgives and punish that which he punishes? It's hypocrisy to think you are like Jesus when Jesus DOESN'T forgive something while you are living under the rule that you always have to forgive everything. It's disjointed.

But in all honesty, the LDS Bible Dictionary doesn't define forgiveness, and to tell the truth, because of the way Joseph Smith defined the forgiveness doctrine the very definition and meaning of the word has to be changed - to fit the way Joseph Smith used it in his "scriptures".

To be perfectly honest: it doesn't make any bit of sense to require absolute forgiveness of everything. The only way it makes sense is if you water-down the definition of the word, at which point everything just gets, well, stupid.

Joseph Smith requires forgiveness of everything, and only the wicked punish the wicked.

While with Jesus Christ, if you are a sinner you shouldn't be casting stones at anybody, while if you are SINLESS, if you do not carry the burden of that sin, at that point you ARE allowed to cast your stone, or inflict your punishment.

To be honest, Jesus Christ's doctrine of forgiveness in the bible or New Testament makes A LOT MORE SENSE THAN the LDS church's doctrine and definition.

And there you have it::: I was mentally ill because I believed in LDS Mormonism way too much. It was all a joke, I think.

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