Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Strange 30th Birthday - Or is it normal as usual?

OK - so, I celebrated my 30th birthday today. Interesting stuff.

Yesterday I got a phonecall from a club for mentally handicapped people I "belong to" but have very little to do with. That's about all the non-family "partying" I had.

I spent a lot of time with family. No friends.

But I did go to see the 22 Jump Street movie with my brother this evening. (in theatre).

It's interesting because I'm celebrating my 30th Birthday today, and in the movie Schmidt celebrates his 30th birthday too. So cool.

Of course, the movie was released early last month, but that's still interesting because it was released right near my ballerina-girl's birthday ---- and she turned 30 as well.

Anywho ----- One really darned interesting thing about that movie (besides the coincidence in timing) is how one scene in the movie is comparable or "coincidentally" relatable to a scene in my book, The Eagle's Sore. Very cool.


On a note, earlier today I released on my blog, and shortly thereafter deleted a story where I woke up in a strange position this morning.

I have no idea how reliable my memories are about this one. I may have just been remembering one night when I deliberately went to bed that way.

I mean, to be honest --- just seeing a pillow at the foot of my bed set off the memory --- but to be completely honest I don't know or remember this morning well enough to know if it was business as usual or something strange.

I might have a false memory that somehow entered my brain from seeing a pillow at the foot of my bed, and remembering an experience further back where I really did sleep that way.

Maybe I did wake up this morning that way - but I doubt it now, which is why I deleted that blog post.

Darned schizophrenia producing delusion and false memory. Who knows why that happened to me.

(to be honest, I'm not sure how to properly remember this morning other than that I woke up and got up right as my dad was leaving the house ---- I'm not very good at remembering what my orientation was in bed though).

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