Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Neighbour and Mysterious Light in Bedroom under Daylight Conditions

Yesterday was Canada Day.

Remember that one blog post from a little while ago where I reported some tourism? A young couple with an infant and a Porsche?

Well, yesterday, I saw who I thought were, and probably are, our new across-the-street neighbours.

That house has been uninhabited for a while, I think undergoing renovations, but apparently our new neighbours moved in on Canada Day or something.

Now --- this is no joke --- but the man of the house looks kind of like Ted Neeley out of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Yes - that is correct - there are tourists at that location in the past little while presumably because of my reported Jesus sighting from 2010, and now the new neighbour living there looks kind of like Jesus Christ from the Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera movie.

Now ---- there is a huge difference between my new neighbour's "christ-like" appearance and my past sightings in 2004 and 2008.

The best way I can describe it is my 2004 and 2008 sightings of Jesus were more like Akiane the Lithuanian prodigy painter's depiction of Christ while this new neighbour is more like Ted Neeley. Two different ways of looking.

Different hair colours, and different hair styles. I suppose, with the help of a barber or maybe some "magic", Jesus Christ could make himself look either way, but I'm not going to think that's what's happening right now --- I'm gonna play it safe and just try to understand that it's our new neighbour, some kind of hippie dude from the 60's or 70's, or maybe even a US Army Jedi for all I know.


Now, before I started working on this blog post, I was laying in bed, thinking about life, and though the sun is still very bright out (it is now 7:37pm, summer just began) I noticed some strange light behaviour in my bedroom.

I was looking at the doorway into my bedroom, the door left ajar, and I saw that the light in the doorway was getting really-really bright, and then it would get really-really dark, as though it was on a dimmer and a child were playing with it --- I just watched it for a while, constantly changing brightness, really bright one moment and then darkness the next.

So, I eventually got out of bed (while this dimmer-effect was occurring) and walked to the doorway or area outside my room to see if I could identify what was causing the lighting issues.

I have NO IDEA what was causing the lighting issue. I didn't figure it out. In fact --- the lighting just remained constant while I stood around the location of my doorway --- no clue why there were such sweeping differences in lighting levels from one moment to the next as I lay in bed.

I just looked at my doorway now for a bit --- no activity. One moment this lighting thing is here and the next it's gone. Really strange.

Anyway, as I was laying in bed I kind of felt I was watching some kind of horror movie -- except this is absolutely real --- it just seemed really really spooky, and after some investigation I still have no idea what was causing the light and shadow. Seems paranormal.

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