Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Sunday Sermon Today: Pride

If anyone likes to look at my blog as a church or religious blog, which it very much is or like is, I guess I have a bit to sermonize about right now as I think.

Today I decided I wouldn't work on my Unity 3d videogame, I was gonna use this Sunday as a day of rest and avoid the work.

But I also decided I didn't have much to do - so I thought I'd sit down and read a book --- a book about how to script in C# in Unity.

Well, I sat down to read the book, but just as I began to read I noticed that old familiar disability overcome my mind, turning off my reading ability.

"What's this?" I think, "Why am I unable to read? It must be Saint André's fault, just like back in 2010 when he was canonized making me too disabled to proof-read my book properly".

Anyway, so I started thinking about how illiterate Saint André is, and as I was thinking about being educated vs uneducated, I realized something:

I now know why I became so disabled in Grade 12. I was proud. I was so smart and intellectually capable that GOD disabled my brain to humble me. You see, being the smartest boy in school or the smartest boy in the world can cause feelings of ridicule towards the less-intelligent, and this is not good. Everyone deserves to be loved. Being too smart means you might be proud of yourself and ridicule the less intelligent. God was humbling me. Actually, I was already pretty humble, with my low self-esteem from that period --- but I was also pretty proud, with how I could easily ridicule the less intelligent.

So, God made me stupid too - to humble me. The last become first, and in my case, the first became last. I was top, then I was the lowest.

Recently I also compared the game console "wars" to The Book of Mormon. In The Book of Mormon, you have poor people, and you have rich people. The rich people, with their fine clothing and amassed wealth, start feeling superior about themselves and ridicule and mistreat poor people - being puffed up in the pride of their hearts.

The same thing is appearing in the gaming community:: you've got OUYA, the poor man's console with cheaper, less powerful hardware, and you've got the big boys like XBone or PS4.

XBone and PS4 are more expensive and more powerful, and it's not hard to find a supporter of these consoles saying bad things and making fun of, essentially ridiculing, the OUYA. The OUYA is less powerful, its inexpensive, and the supporters of PS4 and XBone will very quickly start ridiculing the cheaper system, being proud of their superior hardware and software, while the OUYA is beset with various problems from being a poor-man's console.

Well, to me, an individual with great interest in computer science, the OUYA is a dream come true --- I grew up poor, I have an interest in computers, and the OUYA is a VERY GOOD way to let me build my own project on a console-kind of platform. The OUYA may be cheap and less powerful --- but it doesn't need to be a PS4 or Xbone, cheap is good for me, I don't need excessive processing abilities, and it's still fun anyways.

To me, the OUYA gets you from A to B, it does everything it needs to - it could use some improvement, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, back to pride::: though the OUYA is a perfectly decent platform for a guy like me, or anyone who can't afford a few hundred dollars, you'll get these guys on the internet who are so proud of their PS4's and Xbones that they'll sit there and mock and ridicule the cheaper platform.

It's kind of like The Book of Mormon. And if The Book of Mormon, with its talk of pride, is any indication, these bigger stronger platforms face destruction for their arrogant attitudes. That seems a bit far fetched --- but it's what The Book of Mormon teaches.

But you know, I was the smartest guy in school, I was arrogant about my intellect, and then I came tumbling down - so who knows???

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