Friday, July 18, 2014

My Issues

I'm going to start this little rant by saying how either I'm not allowed to be popular - or all these people who clicked my twitter video ad with their iphones didn't want to have video over cellular lines or something, which seems pretty ridiculous because I do all kinds of cellular data on my iphone, including plenty of video - with only 1gb of data on my plan.

Anyway, one of the videos on youtube I watched today on my one gigabyte of data was an ad for a guy talking about atheism. Yes --- it was a video about why he's atheist or what he doesn't like about people of faith telling him about his atheism, and I watched the whole 8 minute ad on a cellular line (believe it or not).

Anyway, he said something about how atheists often start as people of faith, usually christians, and they eventually decide there's no real evidence of God so they leave their faiths and just stop believing.

My rebuttal for this is that I faithfully believed in God, under the structure of the Mormon LDS church --- and though I can see many, many reasons why the LDS church is not trustworthy, I have personally had enough personal experience with the reality of God --- well, I've personally seen SO MUCH EVIDENCE of God's existance that I CAN'T be an atheist --- I KNOW there is a God.

I was respectful enough to watch his whole video, and I thought the atheist guy made some interesting points - but I'm not going to become an atheist myself because the big difference between him and me is that he didn't see any evidence of God while I myself personally have seen/experienced a great deal of evidence.

As for things we can agree on::: he said people of faith do stupid things, such as write revisionist histories and then cram a bunch of baloney down people's throats.

I also know that "people of faith" can be completely stupid and that it's a complete waste of time -- but I don't blame God for that and I don't lessen my faith in/knowledge about God because of these people.


The video I tried to advertise on Twitter was my personal complaint about my experience in the LDS church on one particular subject::: friends, and why or how the LDS church won't let you have any.

I talked about how the LDS church caused the ending of my friendship with one person I cared about dearly, and that really hurt --- and then when Avril Lavigne came along, the church wouldn't allow that friendship either.

So::: The LDS church believes in freedom and liberty so much that they think they get to decide who you can and cannot be friends with. Wow.

From 2004 to 2010 and 2011, I was having LDS people telling me I'm not allowed to be friends with Avril Lavigne, but she is my friend anyway, and Abbey Dawn Road (the location she named her clothing line after) is even right near my grandparents' house in Kingston, so well, even though the church is telling me I'm not allowed to have anything to do with Avril, she and I are friends anyway and I can't understand in the least bit why the church thinks it's so important that Avril has to be separated from my personal life.

In this great church of missionary work and charity, somehow they can't be bothered to save Avril Lavigne's soul --- and if they did save Avril Lavigne's soul, she still can't be with the sk8er boi she's actually singing about. For some strange reason.

The mormon church doesn't make sense in a lot of ways --- but when they put so much emphasis on missionary work and the pure love of Christ, and then they decide they can't save or let you be friends with Avril Lavigne just because she's a rock star --- that's not making a lot of sense.

So ---- For many years the LDS church was telling me that they believe in freedom and liberty so much that I'm not allowed to be friends with Avril Lavigne --- and then, against the church's will, we are friends anyway.

There you go.

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