Saturday, July 26, 2014

My 30th Birthday is Coming

As I mentioned on facebook recently, my thirtieth birthday is coming soon. On the facebook post, I said I felt old. But now I'm going to instead say that I'm noticeably lonely.

My brother is going to a party tonight. I'm suspecting there will be at least 7-9 people there: all my brother's friends.

For my birthday in a few days, do you know how many people I expect to celebrate with me? Well - there's my family. Um. Yeah. And though I consider Avril Lavigne to be a friend, I don't think we're close enough to expect a peep out of her.

Yup. That's my life. The LDS church makes me lose one of my favourite friends, and then the LDS church won't let me be friends with Avril Lavigne either --- while my brother has at least several friends he'll be partying with tonight.

And how many friends do I get to party with? Well, that number is dismally low.

I think the LDS church decided it was a good idea to reject Avril Lavigne from the social group, thusly rejecting her from salvation as well (just because she's a rockstar), and therefore because I'm like a friend of Avril's, I also get rejected.

The Bishop is so respected and cannot be criticized, so when the bishop decides Avril's not allowed, well, when I have a problem with that decision I guess I'm no longer friends with LDS people - as the LDS people know I'm not allowed to have a problem or criticism of the bishop's decision.

Luke 6:26.

Anyway, yeah, it's just notable that my brother will have over half a dozen friends (not family, I mean friends here) at a party, while I can expect 0 friends to celebrate my birthday with me.

There. The bishop decided that Avril Lavigne won't be allowed salvation because she's a rockstar, and the bishop can not in any way be criticized, so therefore Kris Attfield is a bad person and can't have friends.

They took away my favourite friend, they tried to take away Avril Lavigne, and in the end, I really am just hopelessly lonely (except for my family). There eh?

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