Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Guess I'm NOT ALLOWED to have even a little popularity

Well, I think I am seeing signs that assure me of the truth of my suspicion that I'm not allowed to be popular.

Here's a sign:

Two days ago I put up a video on Youtube. I advertised the video on Twitter, attaining over 70 (SEVENTY) clicks from twitter users on my ad. As of now, a day later after I stopped the ad, Youtube reports only 10 (TEN) video views.

It's kind of upsetting that I would spend over $30 to advertise, and I get all these clicks (causing me to spend money) but the people who clicked couldn't even be bothered to actually WATCH the video.

Anyway, it's just kind of disappointing. I spent over $30 for over 70 clicks on twitter, and the vast majority of those people apparently never even watched what I was advertising.

I guess I'm actually just not allowed to be popular.


As for my 3rd video game, well, I'm making progress. It's mostly a learning experience, when I'm trying to find solutions to the things I want to do, the solution is often pretty simple, but it takes me forever to figure it out. I guess this is what I get for dropping out of University.

On the other hand, using Unity 3D makes developing this game a tonne easier than writing a 3d game engine by myself. I did buy a book to learn OpenGL for Android --- I read it, I understood a little bit, but after I started that project it became clear it was gonna take a long time to make it work, and I wasn't sure I had the brain power to do it. So, Unity 3d is just a great and wonderful solution that makes it a lot easier. Yay.

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