Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Should my next laptop be Mac or Linux?

It's gonna be a while before I buy a new laptop to replace my aging 2009 model mac (which still runs pretty good btw --- but I am addicted to computers and I'm always thinking of how to upgrade my hardware) --- but I recently tried out Ubuntu Linux on an old machine, and I was really impressed.

Because the iTunes store is mac and windows only, I'll probably always have some kind of tie to the mac, as I don't care to get myself tied in with windows ---- but I'm so impressed with Linux I do wonder if I should get a Linux laptop instead of a new Mac laptop at the next laptop refresh (when I have money).

I can get "better" Linux hardware for cheaper than comparable or worse Mac hardware.

But Mac software might be superior to Linux software.

While Linux has been very cool to me since I was young because of how free it is and I wonder if I switched to that system if more software providers would eventually see growing Linux support and add support for their software to Linux.

While I've also been a big fan of Apple for a long time, and it's nice to see Apple get a slice of the software support action.

Two big reasons why I'll probably always need a Mac Mini (which I already have and hopefully it'll last a long time):: iTunes, and Unity3d among other things.

One big reason I tried Linux was because of open-source software I wanted to try which I was aware was only available for Windows and Linux.

I'm probably going to end up having a setup where I'll be running Mac on my mini for itunes and unity3d, a Linux desktop on another desk for free open source software that doesn't run on mac---

but what should my laptop be? Right now I'm just fine using mac as I do --- but when it's time to upgrade, should I stick with the convenience of apple software or should I go for "better" hardware options at a lower price for a decent OS that I've wanted to support since I was young?

Big question.


How does religion, or more specifically - the LDS church tie in with all this??

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, my first two PC's (ok, before I used old second hand macs that were going out of date on my personal desktop, but eventually I upgraded to better PC hardware) were built-it-yourself kits, and because I was poor and didn't want to spend on windows, I invariably used Red Hat Linux (while Red Hat was still a free distribution).

Eventually I tried windows xp, thought it was great so I switched to that. Then I switched to mac when I tried it and found how great it was (and now I'm wondering if I should switch back to Linux, but anyway).

Anywho --- how does my Linux usage in my youth tie in with religion?? Well - it was strange, because I was one of VERY FEW Linux users back then, and back then I was trying to support the LDS church so much, and it was very interesting to me that a CHURCH WEBSITE, under the direction of the FIRST PRESIDENCY, for some reason ENCOURAGED to the use of Red Hat Linux --- the same distribution I already used.

I was so excited about Linux back then that I just wonder if my spirit somehow got church leaders interested too ---- for a long time what I thought about personally and prayed about really seemed to influence top church leadership decisions (however strange that may seem, but that's what I noticed).

OK ---- my local LDS bishop was an A-Hole and wouldn't recognize my relationship with deity or even the strange "telepathic" connection I seemed to have with top LDS leadership----

but the simple fact that I was an excited Red Hat Linux user, and how the First Presidency seemed to officially support or endorse Red Hat Linux for a little while there while I was a RHL user, well, that was just yet another indication (among many) that there is some kind of spiritual or magical reality or even truth to the LDS church.

These days I'm either a Peter denying Christ (because I consider the LDS church Satanic now) or I'm legitimately upset about so much crap in that church (like my old A-Hole bishop) that they might legitimately be considered Satanic ----

But even if the local church failed to make me feel loved, and even if I sent a foul-languaged letter to Dallin H Oaks, For a long time top church leadership has made a weird and strange telepathy based effort to help me feel included and loved in the LDS church, and "Jesus Christ" has even personally appeared to me.

Yes ---- even as the local church goes all wrong in my life, I've often felt great support and I've had huge appreciation of TOP LDS LEADERSHIP.

So, I may be a Peter denying Christ, but top LDS leadership for a very long time (while I still paid attention) helped me feel included - in some strange magical telepathic fashion.

And their endorsement of RedHat Linux back at a time while I was a RedHat User was just one example of that.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Strange 30th Birthday - Or is it normal as usual?

OK - so, I celebrated my 30th birthday today. Interesting stuff.

Yesterday I got a phonecall from a club for mentally handicapped people I "belong to" but have very little to do with. That's about all the non-family "partying" I had.

I spent a lot of time with family. No friends.

But I did go to see the 22 Jump Street movie with my brother this evening. (in theatre).

It's interesting because I'm celebrating my 30th Birthday today, and in the movie Schmidt celebrates his 30th birthday too. So cool.

Of course, the movie was released early last month, but that's still interesting because it was released right near my ballerina-girl's birthday ---- and she turned 30 as well.

Anywho ----- One really darned interesting thing about that movie (besides the coincidence in timing) is how one scene in the movie is comparable or "coincidentally" relatable to a scene in my book, The Eagle's Sore. Very cool.


On a note, earlier today I released on my blog, and shortly thereafter deleted a story where I woke up in a strange position this morning.

I have no idea how reliable my memories are about this one. I may have just been remembering one night when I deliberately went to bed that way.

I mean, to be honest --- just seeing a pillow at the foot of my bed set off the memory --- but to be completely honest I don't know or remember this morning well enough to know if it was business as usual or something strange.

I might have a false memory that somehow entered my brain from seeing a pillow at the foot of my bed, and remembering an experience further back where I really did sleep that way.

Maybe I did wake up this morning that way - but I doubt it now, which is why I deleted that blog post.

Darned schizophrenia producing delusion and false memory. Who knows why that happened to me.

(to be honest, I'm not sure how to properly remember this morning other than that I woke up and got up right as my dad was leaving the house ---- I'm not very good at remembering what my orientation was in bed though).

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My 30th Birthday is Coming

As I mentioned on facebook recently, my thirtieth birthday is coming soon. On the facebook post, I said I felt old. But now I'm going to instead say that I'm noticeably lonely.

My brother is going to a party tonight. I'm suspecting there will be at least 7-9 people there: all my brother's friends.

For my birthday in a few days, do you know how many people I expect to celebrate with me? Well - there's my family. Um. Yeah. And though I consider Avril Lavigne to be a friend, I don't think we're close enough to expect a peep out of her.

Yup. That's my life. The LDS church makes me lose one of my favourite friends, and then the LDS church won't let me be friends with Avril Lavigne either --- while my brother has at least several friends he'll be partying with tonight.

And how many friends do I get to party with? Well, that number is dismally low.

I think the LDS church decided it was a good idea to reject Avril Lavigne from the social group, thusly rejecting her from salvation as well (just because she's a rockstar), and therefore because I'm like a friend of Avril's, I also get rejected.

The Bishop is so respected and cannot be criticized, so when the bishop decides Avril's not allowed, well, when I have a problem with that decision I guess I'm no longer friends with LDS people - as the LDS people know I'm not allowed to have a problem or criticism of the bishop's decision.

Luke 6:26.

Anyway, yeah, it's just notable that my brother will have over half a dozen friends (not family, I mean friends here) at a party, while I can expect 0 friends to celebrate my birthday with me.

There. The bishop decided that Avril Lavigne won't be allowed salvation because she's a rockstar, and the bishop can not in any way be criticized, so therefore Kris Attfield is a bad person and can't have friends.

They took away my favourite friend, they tried to take away Avril Lavigne, and in the end, I really am just hopelessly lonely (except for my family). There eh?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Too Much to know - too much information out there

I have a lot of free time.

I find that there is so much information out there, there are so many news stories as well as occurrences in my own life and all kinds of interesting stuff all over the place --- even with all my free time it's tough to keep up to date on all the happenings.

It probably doesn't help that my brain is a broken record that keeps thinking and repeating the same old garbage about the same old problems either --- I have a few friends, and I really have to apologize or repent (or something) of how I'll send a message from time to time repeating a re-wording on an old issue. It's sad.

I feel sad that I'm so self-centred, thinking about my own problems of old so much as spamming people I know about these issues like a broken record. And then, it's clear I'm self-centred because people don't talk to me about their lives very much, I'm much better at talking about myself than listening to someone else, you know? I don't like this about myself. I should be able to listen.

Anyway --- there is just so much information out there, there are so many books, news stories, movies, tv shows, video games, there is just so much and even with all my free time I have a hard time dealing with or thinking about it all.

Imagine how tough it must be to be a national leader::: according to the book 2030 by Albert Brooks (One big novel I actually managed to completely read - believe it or not) the US President sees so much more news and information about things than the average person watching a news channel --- therefore if I'm having difficulty with all the information coming my way from such limited sources, imagine how tough it is on a world or national leader today.

So - yeah, just sooo much information out there, some of it is completely useless, maybe entertaining, but even the important stuff flies by me and is easily forgotten.

That's the other thing::: there is so much information out there, and regardless of how important it is, it is so easily forgettable. I recently found one item in my stuff I actually had no idea I ever owned --- I acquired it and completely forgot about it until I found it again.

So, too much information, all that information is easily forgotten, and my brain is a broken record that keeps playing the same old garbage over and over again. So sad. hah. :)

"Is that him?"

I'm speaking to my iPhone right now I'm sitting in the family van near the high school watching my father pick weeds and as I'm sitting in the van watching my father pick weeds a kid on a bicycle rode by looking at me and I heard him say "is that him?" what a strange thing, how famous have I truly become?

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Issues

I'm going to start this little rant by saying how either I'm not allowed to be popular - or all these people who clicked my twitter video ad with their iphones didn't want to have video over cellular lines or something, which seems pretty ridiculous because I do all kinds of cellular data on my iphone, including plenty of video - with only 1gb of data on my plan.

Anyway, one of the videos on youtube I watched today on my one gigabyte of data was an ad for a guy talking about atheism. Yes --- it was a video about why he's atheist or what he doesn't like about people of faith telling him about his atheism, and I watched the whole 8 minute ad on a cellular line (believe it or not).

Anyway, he said something about how atheists often start as people of faith, usually christians, and they eventually decide there's no real evidence of God so they leave their faiths and just stop believing.

My rebuttal for this is that I faithfully believed in God, under the structure of the Mormon LDS church --- and though I can see many, many reasons why the LDS church is not trustworthy, I have personally had enough personal experience with the reality of God --- well, I've personally seen SO MUCH EVIDENCE of God's existance that I CAN'T be an atheist --- I KNOW there is a God.

I was respectful enough to watch his whole video, and I thought the atheist guy made some interesting points - but I'm not going to become an atheist myself because the big difference between him and me is that he didn't see any evidence of God while I myself personally have seen/experienced a great deal of evidence.

As for things we can agree on::: he said people of faith do stupid things, such as write revisionist histories and then cram a bunch of baloney down people's throats.

I also know that "people of faith" can be completely stupid and that it's a complete waste of time -- but I don't blame God for that and I don't lessen my faith in/knowledge about God because of these people.


The video I tried to advertise on Twitter was my personal complaint about my experience in the LDS church on one particular subject::: friends, and why or how the LDS church won't let you have any.

I talked about how the LDS church caused the ending of my friendship with one person I cared about dearly, and that really hurt --- and then when Avril Lavigne came along, the church wouldn't allow that friendship either.

So::: The LDS church believes in freedom and liberty so much that they think they get to decide who you can and cannot be friends with. Wow.

From 2004 to 2010 and 2011, I was having LDS people telling me I'm not allowed to be friends with Avril Lavigne, but she is my friend anyway, and Abbey Dawn Road (the location she named her clothing line after) is even right near my grandparents' house in Kingston, so well, even though the church is telling me I'm not allowed to have anything to do with Avril, she and I are friends anyway and I can't understand in the least bit why the church thinks it's so important that Avril has to be separated from my personal life.

In this great church of missionary work and charity, somehow they can't be bothered to save Avril Lavigne's soul --- and if they did save Avril Lavigne's soul, she still can't be with the sk8er boi she's actually singing about. For some strange reason.

The mormon church doesn't make sense in a lot of ways --- but when they put so much emphasis on missionary work and the pure love of Christ, and then they decide they can't save or let you be friends with Avril Lavigne just because she's a rock star --- that's not making a lot of sense.

So ---- For many years the LDS church was telling me that they believe in freedom and liberty so much that I'm not allowed to be friends with Avril Lavigne --- and then, against the church's will, we are friends anyway.

There you go.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Girl Problems (More reasons why I may not get married)

When I think about my life - I realize I may have a very difficult time finding a wife.

OK - lets assume I didn't fall into a dismal pit of despair and become "schizophrenic". My sadness and mental health issues are one reason why I might not find a wife, but let's pretend that never happened so:

Reasons I couldn't get married even if I'm not schizophrenic::::

Growing up, in school, in church, wherever I did anything, I followed the scout promise::: "I promise to do my best".

I was a real hotshot. Maybe I wasn't much to look at, as I have some physical imperfections, but I had a very, very powerful brain.

I was a patrol captain, a valedictorian, top average grade award, 100% math final exam, 98% chemistry final exam - so on and so forth, I was a real hotshot.

Even though I'm not sure I noticed it all, in a few ways I could tell girls liked me.

So, when I tried to select one girl who I wanted to marry, and this is possible to happen over and over again, there may be some feelings of jealousy towards the girl I like over "why does she get him and not me??" --- I was so smart it was attractive, and you might get a few other girls who are jealous of the one girl I would choose.

That is possibly a reason I can't marry --- feelings of jealousy and resentment may pop up over how I chose one girl and no one else can have Mr. Hotshot.


There were a few girls at church and school who I realized liked me. And then there was Avril Lavigne on the other side of Canada who came along as well.

Me, growing up poor and not really having the time or facilities to date every interested female, well, I made the mistake of just being interested in one girl --- other girls got ignored, and maybe there was just some jealousy, and I became broken hearted. For this reason I can't be married.

I probably should have been dating everyone who may have been interested so no one felt left out --- but like I said, I grew up poor and I didn't have the resources. To me, it just seemed like a good idea to date, fall in love with, and marry one girl. I did not suspect that jealousy would be an issue.

But - it's possible jealousy was never the issue. But it might've been ---- I know there were at least two other girls at church who liked me, maybe three, and I had my heart set on another girl entirely. Jealousy.

So --- maybe all the interested girls just block each other out and I never get anyone.

And then I become heartbroken and brain-broken and then I never find love anyway. Hmm.

At this point in my life I feel OK with not marrying, but there was a time when I was very interested in getting married and being in love and doing the best I could. Oh well.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Increased Feelings of Displeasure

So, lately I've noticed I've got increased feelings of displeasure towards the LDS church.

Yesterday when I was alone in the house I tried praying to God to "please bless everyone who has ever bothered me", you know, like a "bless those who curse you" type thing from the teachings of Jesus.

But in my mind and in my heart I can visibly sense an increased sense of annoyance towards the LDS church ---- just the same old issues popping up again.

I pray to God to bless those who curse me, but it doesn't seem to send that sense of displeasure away.

Luckily, I don't feel like I have to make a big deal out of these thoughts or feelings on this blog other than to say I am visibly unhappy with the LDS church right now, and even casting blessings doesn't seem to stop the psychological problem I have. I dunno.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Guess I'm NOT ALLOWED to have even a little popularity

Well, I think I am seeing signs that assure me of the truth of my suspicion that I'm not allowed to be popular.

Here's a sign:

Two days ago I put up a video on Youtube. I advertised the video on Twitter, attaining over 70 (SEVENTY) clicks from twitter users on my ad. As of now, a day later after I stopped the ad, Youtube reports only 10 (TEN) video views.

It's kind of upsetting that I would spend over $30 to advertise, and I get all these clicks (causing me to spend money) but the people who clicked couldn't even be bothered to actually WATCH the video.

Anyway, it's just kind of disappointing. I spent over $30 for over 70 clicks on twitter, and the vast majority of those people apparently never even watched what I was advertising.

I guess I'm actually just not allowed to be popular.


As for my 3rd video game, well, I'm making progress. It's mostly a learning experience, when I'm trying to find solutions to the things I want to do, the solution is often pretty simple, but it takes me forever to figure it out. I guess this is what I get for dropping out of University.

On the other hand, using Unity 3D makes developing this game a tonne easier than writing a 3d game engine by myself. I did buy a book to learn OpenGL for Android --- I read it, I understood a little bit, but after I started that project it became clear it was gonna take a long time to make it work, and I wasn't sure I had the brain power to do it. So, Unity 3d is just a great and wonderful solution that makes it a lot easier. Yay.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Word of God vs Faults of Men

You know how LDS people like going around touting The Book of Mormon as the word of God? They say the bible is the word of God too -- but only as far as it's translated correctly. This means that the Book of Mormon takes precedence over the bible, and is often seen as an infallible source on God's word.

There is a problem however:

Right on the title page of the book of mormon, right at the end of the little blurb by Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith admits that there may be error in the BoM and that the book may contains mistakes or incorrectness due to the faults of men writing the documents or whatever.


And it is clear is so many ways that The Book of Mormon is, in fact, a very flawed book in at least a few ways.

Why is it that LDS church leaders like getting up in front of everyone and saying that The BoM is the MOST CORRECT BOOK of any book on earth, when right on the title page J Smith admits there might be mistakes and errors in the text of any form?

So, the LDS church goes around treating the BoM like it's the infallible word of God, shoving it down everyone's throats, when in fact Joseph Smith makes it clear right on the front page that the book could be wrong in any number of ways.

And yes, after careful study and research, it can be clearly understood that the BoM is wrong in at LEAST a few ways.

They treat the book like it's absolute law, but when you figure out it has errors it's kind of difficult to take any of it seriously.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Life Can be like

Imagine you were growing up, and you became friends with someone, and your friendship grew and developed and lasted a few years and you thought it was wonderful and it's going well and then -- suddenly, someone who thinks they have authority over you or your friend decides that the friendship is over --- you can no longer be friends after years of happy goodness and any future happy goodness is put to an end, the goodness stops.

Imagine someone else came along, and decided they wanted to be your friend as well, and, in fact, this friend likes you so much that they go to great expense to make you feel loved and the two of you are good friends for a couple years and it's wonderful because of how chemically compatible you are and then --- yet again, someone who thinks they have authority over you decides that it's time for the friendship to be over and there will be no more future happy friendship goodness.

So, you had two good friends, both friendships lasted at least two years each, and both friendships are ended by someone who thinks they have the right to control your life.

You just wasted at least FOUR years of your life trying to develop happy friendships that just weren't allowed to go on just because some A-Hole decided he didn't like you be friends with your friends, and forced the friendship to end.

You try to develop a new friend, but the only candidates for "new friend" you can find decide they don't want to be your friend because you already had two friends before in your life, and these individuals would prefer if they were your first friend ever, so as to not feel second-class.

So, you wasted at least 4 years of your life trying to develop happy friendships that weren't allowed to go on just because someone made a decision to control you, and any possible friend after that isn't likely to succeed anyway.

Now, you have to realize that this is what the LDS church did to me. I had good friends, happy friendships, lasting years, and all the development of those friendships ended just because someone who thought they had authority in the church decided it should end --- they were just controlling you and wouldn't even let you have a say in making your own choice in the matter.

This is how the LDS church treated me. Doesn't matter how much you two like each other, doesn't matter how long you've already been friends, the LDS church can just end the friendship right then and there despite talk of Liberty and Constitutional Freedom of Association because they feel they have the right to control you. Huh.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The number 77(7) and stuff

So, a few weeks ago I finally decided it was time to replace an old computer in our house, with something new.

It's just strange, because this old computer, from the time it was purchased to the day before it was replaced, lasted exactly 7 years, 7 months and 25 days (777).

Anyway, it's also interesting that in my Unity 3d work that the very first time in my life that I tried playing with models and animations in a 3d environment, I managed to start the work and successfully figure stuff out all on July 7th 2014 (777).

So there: an old computer is replaced that lasted 777, and the very first day I delve into 3d animation, I manage to figure it out enough on a day represented by 777. So interesting.


My thoughts for today about the LDS church are these:

You know how in mormonism you are taught that you are trying to be like Jesus? You make such an effort to become a God in mormonism, trying to be like Jesus, and they always emphasize that scripture in the bible about becoming one with God, as though it helps them win an argument against other factions.

But here's a problem::: the Mormons are constantly "trying to be like Jesus" without actually ever being able to attain exact perfection. There are numerous reasons for this, but here's a biggie:: In the church, the normal member is REQUIRED TO FORGIVE EVERYTHING. Jesus Christ on the other hand, gets to choose and pick and decide between what he forgives and what he punishes.

So:: if I were trying to be like Jesus, wouldn't I also forgive what he forgives and punish that which he punishes? It's hypocrisy to think you are like Jesus when Jesus DOESN'T forgive something while you are living under the rule that you always have to forgive everything. It's disjointed.

But in all honesty, the LDS Bible Dictionary doesn't define forgiveness, and to tell the truth, because of the way Joseph Smith defined the forgiveness doctrine the very definition and meaning of the word has to be changed - to fit the way Joseph Smith used it in his "scriptures".

To be perfectly honest: it doesn't make any bit of sense to require absolute forgiveness of everything. The only way it makes sense is if you water-down the definition of the word, at which point everything just gets, well, stupid.

Joseph Smith requires forgiveness of everything, and only the wicked punish the wicked.

While with Jesus Christ, if you are a sinner you shouldn't be casting stones at anybody, while if you are SINLESS, if you do not carry the burden of that sin, at that point you ARE allowed to cast your stone, or inflict your punishment.

To be honest, Jesus Christ's doctrine of forgiveness in the bible or New Testament makes A LOT MORE SENSE THAN the LDS church's doctrine and definition.

And there you have it::: I was mentally ill because I believed in LDS Mormonism way too much. It was all a joke, I think.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Sunday Sermon Today: Pride

If anyone likes to look at my blog as a church or religious blog, which it very much is or like is, I guess I have a bit to sermonize about right now as I think.

Today I decided I wouldn't work on my Unity 3d videogame, I was gonna use this Sunday as a day of rest and avoid the work.

But I also decided I didn't have much to do - so I thought I'd sit down and read a book --- a book about how to script in C# in Unity.

Well, I sat down to read the book, but just as I began to read I noticed that old familiar disability overcome my mind, turning off my reading ability.

"What's this?" I think, "Why am I unable to read? It must be Saint André's fault, just like back in 2010 when he was canonized making me too disabled to proof-read my book properly".

Anyway, so I started thinking about how illiterate Saint André is, and as I was thinking about being educated vs uneducated, I realized something:

I now know why I became so disabled in Grade 12. I was proud. I was so smart and intellectually capable that GOD disabled my brain to humble me. You see, being the smartest boy in school or the smartest boy in the world can cause feelings of ridicule towards the less-intelligent, and this is not good. Everyone deserves to be loved. Being too smart means you might be proud of yourself and ridicule the less intelligent. God was humbling me. Actually, I was already pretty humble, with my low self-esteem from that period --- but I was also pretty proud, with how I could easily ridicule the less intelligent.

So, God made me stupid too - to humble me. The last become first, and in my case, the first became last. I was top, then I was the lowest.

Recently I also compared the game console "wars" to The Book of Mormon. In The Book of Mormon, you have poor people, and you have rich people. The rich people, with their fine clothing and amassed wealth, start feeling superior about themselves and ridicule and mistreat poor people - being puffed up in the pride of their hearts.

The same thing is appearing in the gaming community:: you've got OUYA, the poor man's console with cheaper, less powerful hardware, and you've got the big boys like XBone or PS4.

XBone and PS4 are more expensive and more powerful, and it's not hard to find a supporter of these consoles saying bad things and making fun of, essentially ridiculing, the OUYA. The OUYA is less powerful, its inexpensive, and the supporters of PS4 and XBone will very quickly start ridiculing the cheaper system, being proud of their superior hardware and software, while the OUYA is beset with various problems from being a poor-man's console.

Well, to me, an individual with great interest in computer science, the OUYA is a dream come true --- I grew up poor, I have an interest in computers, and the OUYA is a VERY GOOD way to let me build my own project on a console-kind of platform. The OUYA may be cheap and less powerful --- but it doesn't need to be a PS4 or Xbone, cheap is good for me, I don't need excessive processing abilities, and it's still fun anyways.

To me, the OUYA gets you from A to B, it does everything it needs to - it could use some improvement, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, back to pride::: though the OUYA is a perfectly decent platform for a guy like me, or anyone who can't afford a few hundred dollars, you'll get these guys on the internet who are so proud of their PS4's and Xbones that they'll sit there and mock and ridicule the cheaper platform.

It's kind of like The Book of Mormon. And if The Book of Mormon, with its talk of pride, is any indication, these bigger stronger platforms face destruction for their arrogant attitudes. That seems a bit far fetched --- but it's what The Book of Mormon teaches.

But you know, I was the smartest guy in school, I was arrogant about my intellect, and then I came tumbling down - so who knows???

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Neighbour and Mysterious Light in Bedroom under Daylight Conditions

Yesterday was Canada Day.

Remember that one blog post from a little while ago where I reported some tourism? A young couple with an infant and a Porsche?

Well, yesterday, I saw who I thought were, and probably are, our new across-the-street neighbours.

That house has been uninhabited for a while, I think undergoing renovations, but apparently our new neighbours moved in on Canada Day or something.

Now --- this is no joke --- but the man of the house looks kind of like Ted Neeley out of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Yes - that is correct - there are tourists at that location in the past little while presumably because of my reported Jesus sighting from 2010, and now the new neighbour living there looks kind of like Jesus Christ from the Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera movie.

Now ---- there is a huge difference between my new neighbour's "christ-like" appearance and my past sightings in 2004 and 2008.

The best way I can describe it is my 2004 and 2008 sightings of Jesus were more like Akiane the Lithuanian prodigy painter's depiction of Christ while this new neighbour is more like Ted Neeley. Two different ways of looking.

Different hair colours, and different hair styles. I suppose, with the help of a barber or maybe some "magic", Jesus Christ could make himself look either way, but I'm not going to think that's what's happening right now --- I'm gonna play it safe and just try to understand that it's our new neighbour, some kind of hippie dude from the 60's or 70's, or maybe even a US Army Jedi for all I know.


Now, before I started working on this blog post, I was laying in bed, thinking about life, and though the sun is still very bright out (it is now 7:37pm, summer just began) I noticed some strange light behaviour in my bedroom.

I was looking at the doorway into my bedroom, the door left ajar, and I saw that the light in the doorway was getting really-really bright, and then it would get really-really dark, as though it was on a dimmer and a child were playing with it --- I just watched it for a while, constantly changing brightness, really bright one moment and then darkness the next.

So, I eventually got out of bed (while this dimmer-effect was occurring) and walked to the doorway or area outside my room to see if I could identify what was causing the lighting issues.

I have NO IDEA what was causing the lighting issue. I didn't figure it out. In fact --- the lighting just remained constant while I stood around the location of my doorway --- no clue why there were such sweeping differences in lighting levels from one moment to the next as I lay in bed.

I just looked at my doorway now for a bit --- no activity. One moment this lighting thing is here and the next it's gone. Really strange.

Anyway, as I was laying in bed I kind of felt I was watching some kind of horror movie -- except this is absolutely real --- it just seemed really really spooky, and after some investigation I still have no idea what was causing the light and shadow. Seems paranormal.