Thursday, June 5, 2014

Too Many Books - Not Enough Brain Power

When I was young, I used to read A LOT. I could power through books much like my mom does, beginning to end, enjoying it thoroughly.

Now, with the development of my mental illness, I love books, so I've collected a whole bunch of ebooks and hardcopies, but I can't power through them very well. I'll read a bit of each one, and take big breaks. Now I have all these books collected, only read a little bit of each, and my mind has to do other things because of a short attention span.

My most recent book order from Indigo is "Command And Control" by Eric Schlosser. It's a book that was published about two months before my game (ICBM) was released. It's a book about America's nuclear arsenal. It's published by Penguin.

Yeah - this is interesting for me, being a self published author through a company that now belongs to Penguin, and then publishing a video game about ICBMs and now seeing a book from about the same time period from Penguin that's also about ICBMs.


As for the whole idea that self-publishing companies don't report properly and like to steal royalties::: I just have to say that either all these companies perform very poorly for guys like me (in revenue), or they're all stealing.

AuthorHouse is just as honest as OUYA - I suspect. KDP, Smashwords, Lulu --- none of them sell very much product.

Either they're all thieves --- or more likely people just can't be bothered to pay for product. People will gladly take things for free - that is certain, but even a $0.99 price tag on something seems more expensive than most people are willing to afford.

Either all these companies steal, or all these companies are honest and the consumer base is just ultra-cheap.

I'm sorry I had so much suspicion. I know it's more likely that people are just ultra cheap.


As for my relationship with the LDS church ---- I don't even want to hear from my Stake President anymore. I don't read his emails. I'll send an email en masse to numerous people I've talked to (including the Stake President) complaining or talking about what I think of my experiences in the church, but when the Stake President responds I don't have it in me to read his email. I just put it in a folder called "Do Not Read".

I'm going from doing/trying my best to be LDS, to drinking coffee, wanting alcohol, and seeing all kinds of problems with the LDS church. And I don't want to read messages from the Stake President, I'm even leery about talking to anyone who is LDS. I'm surrounded by LDS people, and I do have communications with a lot of them, but religion is one thing we probably shouldn't discuss anymore because I've changed my mind about the church, and a discussion of religion would probably end in an argument.

I gave the LDS church an honest chance, a big chance, to prove itself to me --- but even though I have a personal testimony of miracles great and wonderful in that church, I've just become so annoyed with some things about it I just don't want to bother anymore.

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