Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Somewhat Famous -- People and a Stuttgart Coat of Arms???

I guess I can tell I'm a little bit famous now.

I stepped outside my house to go for a walk when I saw a snazzy yellow car, and near it was a young couple with an infant taking pictures in front of my across the street neighbour's house.

My across the street neighbour's house (which last I checked is unoccupied) is important because of it's position near the end of The Book of Finch:: it's where Jesus Christ appeared on the night of the day of my first nephew's birth.

So, I guess I have a little bit of tourism now. Of course, I am so introverted that I don't care to interrupt any spectator's visits (for this is how it appeared to me, it looked like tourism) so I guess as it's not a nuisance, for whatever religious significance it may be to you....

As I was walking back to my house, I got a closer look at the snazzy yellow car parked nearby - it bears the Coat of Arms of Stuttgart, or at least that's the closest Coat of Arms I could find to the appearance of what I saw on the car.

Yeah - I don't know where that car came from, or exactly who this young couple with the baby was - but you don't usually see snazzy yellow cars with Stuttgart Coat of Arms on them around here.

Stuttgart is a city or location in Germany apparently. For whatever significance it might have.


I suppose I should mention there was one individual who approached me on facebook two evenings ago --- at first I tried believing this person could be authentic, but after some research and talking with psychiatry --- I ended the friendship because it really did seem like a potential fraud. Something wasn't quite right about it -- so I had to let go.

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