Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seeing a Relationship - Finding an Answer

OK - so earlier today I posted in this blog about today's successful mind-reading/telepathy/mentalism attempts.

I should also note that two days ago I started drinking beer, alcohol. [edit: with psychiatric permission]

Now, what we can learn from this is that there are two possibilities for how mind reading relates to breaking the rules of the LDS baptismal covenant:

1) God/The Holy Ghost/Priesthood Power don't care in the slightest if I masturbate or drink alcohol and I still have the "super-human" ability anyway.

2) The "super-human" ability has nothing to do with God or the LDS Priesthood and is actually just a normal or naturally occurring phenomena.

I suppose people could try saying that I am working by the power of the devil myself - but to me that seems so far fetched I have no idea how that would be. Maybe - but I doubt it, cuz I love Jesus and pray to God and try to be a good person.

So, there you have it::: I totally break the rules of the LDS baptismal covenant but I still have that mentalist super-power working as well as it ever did. Yay.

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