Monday, June 2, 2014


I just have to say, I am mostly really impressed with my OUYA game system.

The worst thing about the OUYA is the potential controller lag. Hopefully some day they'll renew the hardware to fix that.

The second worst thing about the OUYA is that as a developer, it's really, really hard to get paid. Having had experience with self-publishing books through Author Solutions, one can become paranoid that the books are being cooked and the company is being dishonest, but I also realize it really is very definitely possible or even probable that PEOPLE ARE ULTRA-CHEAP AND CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO PAY FOR ANYTHING.

So, as for the good things about OUYA --- It is a REAL GREAT SYSTEM.  Being me, I love the free-to-try aspect, but personally, if I like a game I am not at all afraid to pay for it.

OUYA, with 1-4 REAL CONTROLLERS is actually a lot nicer than playing on a touch screen, and since it's affordable, that's even better.

I have a PS4. I have a PS3. I have an XBOX 360. I have some Macs. I have an OUYA.

My favourite gaming system is the OUYA.

Great fun to build a game, great fun to play other games, with a large selection.

The only real downsides are the controller lag and it's hard to get paid. Having experience with Author-Solutions, I am suspicious of cooked-books, but I shouldn't be accusatory so I just have to, perhaps, realize that most people can't afford $0.99.

OUYA gets a 4.5/5 star rating from me, fix the couple problems that I mention and it's a 5/5 star. Of course, you can't force people to pay for anything, so I am kind of just sad about the pitiful state of the human race in general. But anyway.


Part of my problem with making money is not only that people are ultra-cheap, but also that I'm not much of an artist, and I have difficulty making something look good. In fact, altogether making something fun to play might not be my forte. I like my videogames, but they look like crap because I'm not much of an artist. No idea how I'll fix that, unless I really try to make something by actually drawing on the computer. I've never been much of an artist though.

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