Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Book Review (3 Stars)

So, I got a new review for my book on recently. Three stars. Title of the review was "disappointing".

Said they were impressed with how I kept the standards of the church at the beginning but my obsession with Avril Lavigne made the story silly and pointless. Got lost along the way.


My review of this review is: BRAVO!! Someone actually said something comparable to the truth about my book, and well, seeing a three star review makes me feel so much better than a one star review.

It's true, The Book of Finch is a VERY DISAPPOINTING story, it should have turned out way better than that - this person is correct. It could have been better, and yes, it is disappointing.

This review says something truthfully in a loving way without actually exposing the whole or actual truth about about where the reviewer "got lost along the way". I think I know what the reviewer is referring to, but she's not explicitly stating it in her review. Which is OK. I'm fine with that.

So, yeah, I am the happiest guy alive to get a 3 star review right now. I like that someone read my book and was courteous enough to review it in a truthful and loving manner.

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