Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just Reminiscing

Life sometimes seems to be too much to handle. And the LDS church tries to be a part of, or, a controlling/deciding factor in every aspect or facet of your life. And then you find out who your real friends are (or aren't).

I just remembered how my patriarchal blessing said I'd be an honoured and respected servant to the Lord, as a travelling preacher to the nations.

And how the Bishop decided that I had to live my life without Avril Lavigne.

So how am I supposed to be honoured and respected as a travelling preacher without ever being friends with Avril Lavigne - especially as she essentially is singing about me?

My patriarchal blessing also says I'd hear the voice of the Holy Ghost -

but then the Stake President decided that God would NEVER ACTUALLY speak by voice to me/man.


The church tells me one thing and then turns around and changes it somehow. They want to control my life, but they don't want me to have the blessings involved.

You find out who your real friends are, I guess.

Sorry if this seems repetitive, but it came back onto my mind --- and if there was any truth in the LDS church, it all went out the window as soon as they can't keep Priesthood decisions consistent (as in, they gave me a blessing that said one thing, but then they decided to turn around and make reality completely different from what they previously said).

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