Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just Reminiscing is Dangerous

I wake up this morning, slightly disoriented about what day it is, and coming to a proper realization that it's saturday.

I eventually remember last night's blog post. Oh yeah: I'm having difficulty handling life and I remembered a big part of my past.

And now, I remember that if I just remember what went wrong in my life, according to mormonism I'm automatically the worse person (and I'm condemned of the greater sin) just for remembering past leaderships' bad decision making.

But then, I also remember that the church believes in forgiving unforgiveness, and that they weren't really forgiving me of my own little problem in the first place - so maybe I'm going to be OK. Who knows.

Whatever the case is: Yes - I'm done with Mormonism. The way they can tell you one thing and then completely change it later is complete bollocks.

It's like they deliberately were trying to take away, or didn't want me to receive, the blessings they said I could have. If my masturbation was really such a horrible offence, then maybe the Lord shouldn't have blessed me that way in the first place.

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