Monday, June 16, 2014

Facepalm of a Twit

So, I have a little bit of social anxiety, so when I saw two new emails from twitter telling me they reviewed something on my phone, I then felt anxious about the trouble I'm in.

Well, they reviewed my ad campaign.

To be honest, this past weekend I fiddled with Twitter Ads a bit, and as soon as my credit card was entered into the system, an ad campaign I had made a long while back (before canadians were allowed) started working and I sent an ad into the wild.

Good thing:: Only a few thousand people saw the ad, only about 6 people clicked on it.

Bad thing:: The ad said The Book of Finch ebook was available for free. Dang. It's not free anymore. I accidentally falsely advertised. I am not very smart, apparently.

As for not being smart, today I stupidly tried to use the housekey to open our family van door, and I don't even have a key for the van. ??? I must be really mental or something.


Another thing to talk about:: Whenever I'm in a public place, I hear this song that mentions something about "doom and gloom", and he goes on to sing about "Marry that girl anyway".

Just these lyrics alone remind me of my bad mood that existed for a long time, and then with how I keep thinking I won't get married, well, now the radio is telling me to find a wife anyway.

I think I'm going to look up that song on the internet, maybe I'll buy it.

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