Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back to Telepathy

So, I haven't reported my telepathy for a while, partly because I haven't done much, partly because the stuff I did do didn't turn out so well. I decided that I would do another test with my father this morning and report how it went, even if I didn't do very good.

As I'm out of practice, I did number only pick 3 this time.

The first test:
I said: 8 3 (4 or 7)
His original: 6 4 8
I got ~2/3 (however you want to calculate what I did) on this test, and that was good enough to encourage me to do another test.

The second test:
I said: 2 7 5
His original: 0 2 7
2/3. Yay.

So, though it's not the most impressive mentalism ever, it's not that bad either. Helps me feel better about myself --- after so many consecutive days without a single book sale or videogame sale.

Sometimes my paranoid schizophrenic mind wonders if I'm being secretly taxed, like there were some law separating me from my sales report and money. :) I just think that way to feel better about the essential lack of monetary value in my work.

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