Sunday, June 29, 2014

Awesome Idea!!!!

I saw an interesting article come into my inbox today.

Comes from my home city newspaper, about an idea some activists have of giving every Canadian a minimum living allowance of $20,000 per year whether they are employed or not.

I'm writing this article to say this is an AWESOME idea.

Instead of getting so much money for being disabled, I can instead have that money just for being Canadian. I think this is actually a very good idea.

People who have a will to live (and therefore also work) would be looking for opportunities to earn more money, such as jobs or entrepreneurship, while those of us who grew up in households where the main income earner has been unemployed for many years (for whatever reason) will know there is some money in the bank, and life seems less horrible.

I grew up in a family wrought with unemployment --- and it's not good. Just knowing there's not enough money for anything you would actually want (or even need) is enough to drive you insane, along with horrible social problems and a church that makes you work for your welfare. Knowing there's a minimum income in the household might have kept me from going over the edge --- and maybe I would have had a more successful life.

The idea is good because I remember seeing an article, back from the days of the Occupy movement, that said 50% of americans controlled 1% of the wealth.

This is a good idea, because as a small entrepreneur, I am saddened by how many people can't seem to afford to spend that small fee I try to charge on my products.  I get TONNES of people taking my stuff for free, but as soon as there's even a small price tag sales drop dramatically.

This minimum income idea would help business owners because then these poor people could actually AFFORD to hire the business rather than no business or theft.

It's good for the poor and unemployed so their lives don't become absolutely horrible - and it's good for those of us who try to do a little work, because then we know all of our countrymen will be able to afford some kind of service. I would be happy if everyone actually paid the small fee I ask for rather than just taking my stuff for free - you know?

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