Friday, June 13, 2014

A Man of Little Value

It's been a while since I posted on my blog, and I really shouldn't send too much email, so I'll post my thoughts here.

I used to be top of the class in school.

I lost my mind, and I became pretty disabled.

I'm recovering - but I still don't handle stress very well.

It's pretty pathetic how I live in Alberta, the land where foreigners have to shipped in because of all the jobs being created - it's pathetic how I live in this wonderful province but my inability to handle stress (or whatever my disability is now) prevents me from having a job in Canada's biggest job creator.

I've done a little bit of my own work, writing books, keeping up a blog and developing video games --- but I'm really not very successful. I spend so much money in order to keep myself busy, like buying books to learn things, or advertising or doing whatever - it all costs a whole tonne of money - but when I try to sell a product for a very small price, I only find that the masses will take it only for free and very few people are willing to pay the small price to purchase.

I must be an utterly pathetic human being if I'm spending so much to keep busy, but the product of my work earns practically nothing.

I am a man of little value. I obviously create low-quality books and video games that aren't even worth spending $0.99 on.

Yes --- I'm too stressed out to work at a real job, and even if I did work at a real job, the quality of my ability is so low no employer would want me - apparently.

So sad.

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