Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Facebook Post

I did a calculation:
If I sold 2 of my book(s) to everyone on facebook who claims to "like" The Book of Finch,
And then I sold $1.98 worth of sales per person who has downloaded either of my videogames,
and then the people with my videogames and my facebook page saw my ads for The Eagle's Sore and bought it:
I would have enough money for over a half-year's worth of income.
The only reason I don't have all that money after working my butt off and giving away so many freebies is because people are too **** cheap to afford a couple bucks for a product they express interest in.
When you see all the people buying houses and cars and iphones and ipads, I sit here wondering "how the heck is $2-$3 too expensive to pay me for my work?"
And then considering all the money I've given to charity since I started work on my books:
If I was paid for all my work, and if I never donated a cent to charity --- I would have almost enough money to buy a BRAND NEW Ford F-150.
Yes - I'm glad I donated to charity, but I'm a little stunned that people can't be bothered to pay a couple bucks for my efforts.
The human race is telling me I'm not worth ****. The LDS church is especially bad about this: they tell their people to "love one another", but all these people are content to take my stuff for free and can't be bothered to pay a dime.
Big thanks go out to all the people out there (or, the few of you) who were nice and decent enough to actually pay me for my work. Thanks.

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