Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why the LDS church isn't true - my patriarchal blessing

My patriarchal blessing said I'd have an especially blessed mind, and that I'd work miracles.

Before getting the blessing, I was already top of the class in school.

After getting the blessing, I descended into a funk and was physically incapable of thinking at the same level I had once been able to.

You could tell me that my inability to think properly was my own fault, due to my own unworthiness or unfaithfulness, rather than blame the church.

I was a true believer in mormonism. I did have a masturbation problem:: but does it make sense that I couldn't think properly because I was addicted to masturbation?

By the same logic:: I couldn't have a job because I masturbate. Does that make sense?

If it doesn't make sense that my lack of employment is caused by masturbation, then likewise it doesn't make sense that my brain turned off because of masturbation.

What is more likely is that the church just isn't true, and my blessings didn't happen because the church is dishonest.

Either I can work miracles, or I can't work miracles. The church said I would witness and perform miracles -- but after making that statement, all sorts of people had difficulty believing it/didn't believe it.

I'm pretty sure I have worked miracles, but there are so many people who are in complete denial about this that it seems possible that the church isn't really true.

I could have been a travelling preacher to the nations --- but my LDS bishop decided to not allow that to happen.

Basically, there are so many ways it could be understood that the LDS church isn't really true.

I used to be top of the class in school. I got an LDS patriarchal blessing that said I'd have an especially blessed mind. Then I lost my mind.

Does it make sense that my loss of thinking ability came from my own lack of faithfulness or worthiness? By the same logic, I can't have a job because I didn't believe in the church enough or I was masturbating too much to go to work. Doesn't make sense.

More likely there is something COMPLETELY WRONG with LDS Mormonism.

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