Thursday, May 1, 2014

They Promised What they Cannot Provide - and then it's my fault they broke the promise

It's been a while since my last blog post, so I will just share some thoughts I had with my father a few moments ago.

On barnes and noble, someone reviewed The Book of Finch and gave it one star rating. In their review, they said:

'his assertion that the church should have "given" him a wife ... indicate that he needs ongoing help.'

I then said I didn't actually say anything about the church "should have given me a wife" in my book. The closest I came to saying such a thing was to say that "the church was too retarded to provide me with a wife".

My Dad then said that the church can't provide anyone with a wife, essentially, I was wrong to think that the church should actually be handing me a woman.

But then, just look at my patriarchal blessing:: It says that I'd be sealed to a companion (a wife) of my choice and enjoy raising sons and daughters.

So ---- am I to understand that the church promised me a wife, but then were completely unable to actually provide me with one?

The church promised me with something that they are actually completely unable to provide.

The logic of "I will give you this even though I can't actually give you this" is absolutely sad/stupid.

The other really stupid thing about the patriarchal blessing is that though they promised me with something they can't actually give me, if the promise doesn't come true then apparently it's something wrong with me rather than something wrong with their inability to actually provide the promise.

I'm blamed for being promised something that the promiser couldn't provide. Wow.

Anyway - being promised that I would be sealed to a companion of my choice, it is to be understood that the church would actually be able to provide this companion.

And now I'm a bad man for expecting someone to fulfill their promise.

And it's my own fault the church wrote me a cheque that bounced. Wow.

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