Friday, May 9, 2014

There is such a thing as a good LDS person

I have so many psychological issues with the Mormon church it often seems that I myself am just criticizing them.

But I have to say, that there are those good, more decent, well-thought individuals in the LDS church who give me a hope of impression that there might've been any truth in this organization.

They're not all perfect, but these individuals just give a sense of truth and decency to an organization that I see as being particularly flawed in so many ways.

I'm not sure I can, will or should name them all individually here, but a real good example of an LDS person who gave me a really good impression of the LDS church is:

Gerald Melchin the ex-Patriarch of Calgary West Stake.

Basically, if there is anyone in the church who is divinely inspired or at least somehow genius, it's this guy. If there was any hope of finding a truth about the LDS church, that hint of reality could be found through this aged patriarch.

There are numerous others who help me understand that mormons aren't all bad, or that not all mormons are bad. And it's true that in thinking efforts, the negatives often gain more attention than the positives ---- But there is Good, there are positives in that field of weeds.

It's good to know and remember the good people. If only the good people had made the strong and lasting impression on my mind about the church - that would have been awesome.

Different people face different experiences, and perhaps I was just unfortunate to find all the LDS garbage.

It's good to know there is good in the LDS church though.

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