Friday, May 30, 2014

The Psychologically Impaired Saviour of the World

So, I've been having a lot of really good feelings lately. I can even sense that there are those out there (in my crazy telepathic-psychology) that don't feel as good as I do. Some anger, some hate, some slightly disgruntled indifference.

But I feel good.

Today I was thinking about my life, thinking about some of the aspects of what happened. Normally, I would get annoyed, angry, and very unhappy about what happened.

But today when I looked back on it, a thought entered my mind, that Jesus Christ is actually psychologically impaired. That thought was so very humorous, it was so very hilarious, I laughed and laughed, and it just kept on going, very strong laughter.

Yeah, though the thing that happened in my life wasn't so great, when you blame Jesus for the problem and then tell Him he's psychologically impaired, with the right spirit, it just seems like the most hilarious thing in the world.

Yeah - this does kind of seem like laughter or mockery at the Saviour's expense --- except this is a happy and positive response to what happened rather than the negative and angry response.

Yeah. Heh. Just blame Jesus, and when you realize how mentally-impaired the King of the World really is, you will laugh your ass off.

Sorry if it seems like I'm making fun of the mentally handicapped, but I myself, am most definitely mentally handicapped. I'm allowed to talk this stuff about my own kind of people (I would hope).

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