Friday, May 9, 2014

Senseless Judgment

In LDS Mormonism, things like drinking caffeine, masturbating, buying lottery tickets and using bad language (essentially, words that mean "bad" things) is constantly berated, criticized and condemned.

The church criticizes very small things constantly.

I mean, in Mormonism, even Homosexuality is instantly frowned upon, instantly condemned.

But you know what? Here's a list of sins which are supposed to be instantly forgiven according to the church:

Bearing false witness
Denying the Holy Ghost
Controlling Behaviour

I have had personal experience with all these things, seeing the instant condemnation for little "mistakes" that might not necessarily even be wrong, whilst actually witnessing teachings and leadership decisions that just forgive completely terrible behaviour.

How is it the church criticizes little things and then just forgives big crap?

How is it that normal "human condition" problems, like just being human such as masturbation or homosexuality are so instantly condemned while vicious conscious choices that are not biologically based are just forgiven?

You are abusing someone because of how God made them, but then you completely forgive someone's individual vicious and conscious choice?

I'm sick of the church. My father is sick of the church. My family is sick of hearing about it.

Hopefully I can shut up for the next several days or however long, at least a few days I hope.

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