Saturday, May 31, 2014

Seeing the Signs - What is the truth?

I am apparently a mentally ill person.

Seeing things around me, hearing voices, looking at the media- yes that is all apparently very mentally ill, according to some definition.

Abbey Dawn Road is just a 15 minute drive from my Attfield Grandparents' house. A bit over an hour of walking to get there.

Late last year, when someone claiming to be Avril Lavigne friended me on facebook, the next day I was going through my daily routine when me and my dad saw/encountered a couple girls (pretty women too) who seemed to be more friendly than most people on the street would be.

The first girl was in the parking lot of Seven Eleven, had a cigar in her mouth, and she waved at us as we pulled in.

The second girl, according to my dad, was in a car that followed us into the parking lot, and as she parked beside us she waved at us too.

It's clear there's SOMETHING going on here, and according to some definition I'm mentally ill because of it (though I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation).

The two biggest possible explanation I have for who those two girls were are:
1) They are Avril's people, fans or employees.
2) The one I saw was pretty enough that you'd think they were angels.

Anyway, I feel so fat and lazy and almost useless in this whole adventure (I am actually a big man with much muscle under the fat, but I think my drugs make me lazy and fat, and anyway) so I just hope my brain, which is apparently not working as well as it used to, will be able to figure this out.

It helps that Alison Redford was nice to the disabled people of Alberta by increasing our disability payments and now, after some successful investments, paying off my credit card debt is in reach.

I'm not sure how having "ok" finances will help, but it's probably better than deep debt, if anything just because of how it affects me psychologically.

Anyway - yeah - there most definitely has been something going on, I'm not seeing it everyday, but I've usually got something on my mind, and I'm wondering how I'll figure it out.

It probably doesn't help that I am so freakin' shy/introverted.

On a side note, I'll just say that I really like coffee, it makes me happy. Apparently it helps you avoid diabetes. Feels like a healthy drink to me, in my mind, when I encounter it.

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