Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Video & The Invisible "lover"

so, for anyone who cares, this morning I released a new video on youtube discussing a bit about what I understand of LDS/Mormon forgiveness policy/doctrine, this information being gathered from personal experience, research & study. The video can be seen here:


The other thing I want to mention is that though I am on a consistent dose of psychiatric medications, and I am operating happily and thinking well, I STILL had a "hallucination" today where I was engaging in some form of sexual relationship with a person or being who was not visibly or physically present with me where I was.

At the end of the Book of Finch I refer to an "angelic girlfriend" or a "netherworld woman". Though I pretty much or almost never see this girl, and we often just keep each other to ourselves, today I had an experience where someone in the "ethereal plane" was sexually interested in me. I have no idea exactly how to explain that, or exactly who or what it was::: just know that I can feel inappropriate touching and sexual behaviours occurring.

Strange eh? Means I'm crazy - I am well deserving my disability payment. If she's actually real, well, we're past that now because society decided I wasn't allowed to believe in that kind of thing as reality. Heh.

Yes - I am apparently crazy, I can just feel it.

Of course, I suppose I should mention that on the other hand one of my cousins I met in Kingston in the past week talked to me about telepathy, and he didn't think it was crazy.

It's weird how I ran into so many people who were so sure my belief in telepathy was insane, but then my cousin just accepts that it's real, and he's apparently going into science school. It probably helps that his father, my uncle, had personal experience with telepathic reality himself and argued in one of this university papers about the telepathic reality a long time ago.

I'm not sure I'm really allowed to tell you that, but it's on my mind, so just to make it clear::: not everyone views telepathic beliefs as insane, there are those of us who KNOW it to be a reality, even if it doesn't always work and is not always replicable.

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