Saturday, May 10, 2014

Loving those who fall short

One of my personal problems in my life was my attraction to being so angry at the Mormons because of how foul they are.

There are good Mormons, people who one can respect, but there are a lot of Mormons who make mormonism just seem so foul that it's not hard to start to become "angry" at them or with them.

But I realized something, even with all their devious and foul attitudes and behaviours, the proper Christian thing to do is to LOVE them, even with all their horrible imperfections.

I may not believe that you need to be mormon to be saved, but I do also believe that MORMONs CAN be SAVED.

Basically, the simple reason I'm making this post is to say that I now realize we can love the Mormons, even if it is very - very difficult, we can love them, regardless of how extremely foul and derogatory their people may be.

I made the mistake of being angry at the people who raised me. Though it is true that they are horribly flawed, it's also true they were never meant to be totally perfect, and I/we can still Love them anyway. Yay.

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