Monday, May 26, 2014

LDS Hypocrisy and Contradictions

There was a bishop a long time ago, from before the days of Bishop Stevens (fake name, character in my book) who actually deliberately pointed out D&C 88:124 "...cease to find fault one with another..."

What I mean is, a long time ago it was a bishop who pointed out this scripture from the D&C about not trying to find problems with other people.....

and then you have to realize exactly how hypocritical the LDS church is about this, because in the LDS church before you go to the temple or progress in the priesthood, get any calling or even just for the fun of it they'll take you before the Bishop and Stake President where they'll interview you for your worthiness.

Believe it or not ---- those worthiness interviews are the complete antithesis of D&C 88:124.

All those worthiness interviews are is a way for church leaders to find fault with their congregations and it's complete hypocrisy because the D&C tells us not to do that.

Do you masturbate? Yes or no question, if you do, then they've found fault with you. If you do and you say you don't, they're gonna find even more fault with you.

Do you obey the word of wisdom? Questions like that.


And then there's how in the Book of Mormon only the wicked punish the wicked, whilst in the bible Jesus only allowed the sinless to cast stones.

And though the church seems completely unbelievable, like there's something wrong with it:::

There did seem to be a real magic, like the patriarchal blessing I got. But even then, if your blessing tells you you'll work miracles, the church leaders will tell you to go see a psychiatrist instead of defending any actual belief in said miracle.

Yup --- if there was even a remote hint of any kind of possible truth to LDS mormonism, it has all disappeared as though the LDS church was all just a complete sham.


As a young person you don't even suspect that this church, which is loudly and repetitively hailed as the "one true church", has completely fouled up any logical thought process of thinking about how anything really should be.

As a kid you think the LDS church must be right because everyone around you says it is.

But as I've grown up, I've found this church doesn't make any sense at all. Sometimes top leaders say things that seem wise, but for the large part, the LDS church turned into a complete waste of time. It's not even slightly logical.

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