Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Constitutional Freedoms and the Book of Mormon's "Title of Liberty"

The Mormons constantly tout the Title of Liberty in The Book of Mormon and Captain Moroni who created it as symbols of freedom and the ideal of not being controlled.

What I mean is, when I grew up in the LDS Priests' quorum, Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty were idolized as some kind of ideal.

I mean, what I'm about to say here is:: the church is full of bark, but has no bite. They preach but they don't practise.

Why do I say that?

They are constantly telling you about all your freedom and Liberty, but to be bluntly honest, the church is actually a force of control and manipulation rather than an organization securing freedom and liberty.

Think about it.

In the LDS church: there are certain words you are not allowed to say right? We know what these 4 letter words are, right?

Well, in true freedom, with true liberty, we can say whatever we want.

The US constitution has something about Freedom of Speech in it. Locally, Alberta has a Bill of Rights that allows freedom of speech.

And though the LDS church says whatever they want about all their freedom and liberty, in reality you don't really have freedom in the LDS church. You could lose your job with the LDS church for using bad language, for example.

They say you have freedom and liberty, they celebrate freedom and liberty, but in fact they are just trying to control the things you say.

Here are other things the church likes to control:

The church controls who you are friends with, contrary to freedom of association.

The church controls what you think, contrary to freedom of thought.

The church controls what you believe, contrary to freedom of belief.

The church controls what you publish and view in media: contrary to freedom of the press.

Basically, the LDS church is just a big hypocritical organization that likes to toot its own horn about all the wonderful freedoms and liberty we have, and then they do the opposite of protecting freedom and just try to control every little facet of your life that they think is important to control.

It's just hypocrisy. So sad.

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