Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bad Habit of Flip-Flopping - or is it good?

OK everyone --- the way I think and feel on the church seems to be based on which way my mood is swinging at the time.

A lot of the time I have a very "negative" attitude about mormonism, but right now again I am feeling "positive" about them.

I recently posted on Facebook an apology with forgiveness to a friend or acquaintance I had a falling out with last year. The fact that I posted this apology and forgiveness is a sign that I am in a very good mood, and have some intellectual understanding of how the LDS church could actually be right/true/truthy.

I may have historically been very disappointed with the LDS church, and sometimes those thoughts and feelings weigh heavily on my mind, but:::

I also have an understanding of how the LDS church has some legitimacy, no matter how fouled up they are or have become.

I agree that the church is really really fouled up ---- but when you really examine the doctrine of the scriptures and compare it to the LDS church (plus I have personal experience to add on to the weight of the verdict), the LDS church can still be legitimate in some form or another, regardless of how wrong it may be or was in various different ways.

Of course, I am speaking from the perspective of a man who has experienced miraculous reality with the Mormons, so it's easier for me to have a better attitude towards them.

I completely recognize that the church is "foul" or "derogatory" in its way, but I can still love them, and even WANT to go back sometimes.

It's easy to point out all kinds of errors, and then it's really strange when you love them anyway and even have some desire to return.

I'm not gonna explain the whole thought process here - it might be kind of abstract.

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