Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trying to remember Jesus again

So, I woke up this morning, and tried to remember my personal memory of seeing "Jesus", and then after I had an image established in my mind of what I think I remember seeing, I revisited (the little painter girl from Lithuania) to see how well the image matched.

There were some similarities in the image, but it actually isn't exactly the same.

Therefore I might be wrong.

There are similarities, but not the exact same. What if I am delusional? Or what if I'm just operating on old distorted memories over half a decade old?

There is a similarity, but not exactly as I remembered it. Of course, I'm basing most of my image on the hairstyle, and yes - she does capture a certain kind of feature of what I saw, but it is not exactly what I saw.

Of course, we must realize that hair changes over time, and often doesn't remain exactly the same over a long period.

And, of course, my memories probably aren't perfect either. and then that is just an artistic depiction.


She's a great painter - no doubt, and there is a certain essence of what I saw in what she painted, but if my memories really are accurate (which they might not be), then it's not exactly the same. Oh well.

Even so ---- How do you explain the voices I heard during the experience? am I just insane? What about my little telepathic ability? The telepathy is proven even if it's far from perfect, so we know that I'm not totally just insane.

Now I'm feeling stupid for having said anything at all. I might be wrong.


I'm sitting here with my iPhone and I had another look at an online image of Akiane's Jesus portrait.

Again, this time I was struck by how similar her image is to my memory.

Close. Not perfectly the same but close.

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