Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Technically, the LDS church is actually true

I think I'm going to make sense of a whole long series of all my thoughts and arguments now:

The LDS church is technically true for TWO reasons::

1) They do have some kind of magic and

2) They claim to be the "mormons", or, being interpreted, they claim to be the "morons", and this is a truth that cannot be denied.


They are true because they indirectly claim to be very stupid -- and it's true, they are very stupid.

And though they are technically true because of these things, and though they do even have a great deal of good wisdom to dish out, and there are many wonderful things about their religion,

it should be made clear that you take whatever they say with a grain of salt::: sometimes it's so stupid it might just hurt your brain.


There are good things about mormonism, I loved that religion for so long as I was growing up. But I will now give a doctrinal example from Spencer W Kimball about how it's MORMONIC:::

According to Spencer W Kimball, a woman should fight back as much as possible, she has to fight back so terribly that she would rather die than be raped.

And then, as soon as she has been raped, she must absolutely forgive and forget the whole experience. Technically, this means she shouldn't even bother to accuse the rapist, she just has to let the whole thing go and forget it ever happened.

This is seriously a really dumb doctrine for a few reasons:

1) You'd have to rather die and miss out on your lifetime of experiences just because some guy got horny rather than let the guy abuse his agency? Why does his abuse of his agency mean you have to suffer so much? God gave him his agency, and if you have to die as a direct result - well, that's pretty dumb.

2) Fighting back as hard as possible only to completely let the offender off the hook after the deed is done is completely pointless. This isn't really logical or rational behaviour.

3) You can fight back, but it doesn't make sense that you'd have to rather die. If you don't resist at all, then technically that's fornication, unless the guy is holding a knife to your throat and you have no choice but to give in. Kimball says you should rather let him kill you - but like I said, why should you have to suffer so much at the hands of another being abusing their agency?

4) You shouldn't be forced to absolutely completely forgive and forget everything. According to mormonism, if you don't forgive if then you are the worse sinner. This obviously doesn't make any sense in certain situations. Kimball would have you believe that just remembering the rape makes you the worse person --- this is, however, usually completely untrue.

5) It really is just illogical that you have to fight back to the point of dying only to just be required to completely forgive the offence. God said "turn the other cheek", and that logic might actually be designed to save your life rather than cause you to lose it. How can mormonism teach you to turn the other cheek in some situations and then demand you fight to the death in others? And how is it that after fighting so hard, and losing the battle, that you'll be absolutely required to forgive the offence?

YES ---- these few points show just ONE of the LITTLE ways in which LDS Mormonism is completely stupid.

They claim to be Mor[m]ons and technically they are right and true about that.

The LDS church has some good wisdom and does good things, but don't take it too far, avoid "extremism", there's a point at which the stupid religion is actually just stupid.

So for the sake of anyone who thinks I'm being overly critical here:
I compliment mormonism for its successes and;
I have every reason to be able to justify my claim that it's not the brightest religion. Just read all my writing and you should understand why I call them "stupid true" rather than "smart true".

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