Thursday, April 24, 2014

Something potentially strange in the neighborhood

I'm riding in the van with my father. As I exited the house to go to the van I could clearly see across the street and saw someone surprising, potentially even spooky.

The other day I was telling my psychiatric doctor that Akiane of Lithuania's painting of Jesus was better than the portrait commonly used by the LDS church.

Well, I saw a grey - bearded and Long haired old white man walking out of the across the street neighbors yard, and he proceeded to just walk down the street.

This could be spooky because as far as I know because that house is now uninhabited and there was no vehicle- it was just an old and gray man with long hair who looked startlingly like what you'd expect from LDS Jesus.

It could be nothing, but this man wore plaid, which is interesting because years ago I saw someone who looked like Elder Oaks in a very nearby location who also wore plaid.

I was too afraid to talk to him. I'm not too sure who he was except that he was an old and gray Christlike appearance.

Who knows where my identifications are wrong.

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