Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remembering the Stupidity

I've had some good feelings towards the church in the past while, I have some ability to accept the prophetic nature of the 15 LDS apostles,

but I have a pretty decent memory, and I know the church likes to threaten people with "if you can't forgive it then you are condemned of the greater sin".

But then the Liabilitys were senselessly angry at me, and being angry at me means they're not forgiving me of something, and according to LDS doctrine their anger or lack of forgiveness means they are supposed to be condemned of the greater sin, yet the LDS church just let them off the hook, they were forgiven of their anger and unforgiving attitude.

In fact, though they were the ones who were angry, I was personally threatened by the bishop that if I couldn't forgive their anger then I would be guilty of the greater sin. ???? I'm supposed to let go of THEIR anger or else I'm the bigger sinner and they're just let off the hook??

The church easily just forgives something that really isn't supposed to be forgiven according to the scriptures, yet when I do things that are supposed to be easily forgiven -- well, I get condemned, and if I don't forgive the condemnation then I'm guilty of the greater sin.

Yup - it makes no sense.

I have some idea of some kind of truth or magic in the LDS church, but it all gets so ridiculous and stupid that I can't be bothered to save my soul with them anymore.

BTW --- I had no idea what the accusation was against me for a very long time, so I don't know how I was supposed to repent of something when no one can tell me what it was. Accusing me and then not telling me what the accusation was is called backbiting. And apparently the LDS church just forgives that kind of behaviour. I can't repent or defend myself from the accusation if I don't know what it is --- and the simple fact that they were so angry about it indicates that they should have been condemned of the greater sin --- but the church forgave them.



In other news, I noticed the rate of download of The Book of Finch has increased in the past month, it's getting to be a bit popular, so under the circumstances of having to pay off debt, I hope you all understand why I'm increasing the price to $2.99.

Of course, I know the average human being is too cheap to even pay $1 for a useful product, so I guess I already know that I probably won't sell anything - so anyway, yeah, another reason I can't respect the LDS church is because they pay 10% of their incomes in tithing and they'll download my book in droves if it's free--- but I know I can already expect the downloads to practically stop as soon as it costs a small fee. I probably shouldn't accuse the LDS church of this, but that's what I'm expecting. I can only hope I'll be proved wrong.

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