Monday, April 7, 2014

No Sympathy

Today I was talking to my dad about how the LDS church claims they are the only ones with the valid authority to baptize (among other things) so in order to be saved you must have an LDS baptism.

I then thought it was strange that the LDS church preferred to not save Avril Lavigne's soul. What I mean is, in order to be saved, Avril has to be baptized by an LDS priesthood holder, but the church didn't even want me to befriend her to allow that to happen.

My dad said two things: 1) The church was probably intending to just baptize her after she already died and 2) The decision to keep me from befriending Avril was not a church decision, it was a decision of one man, the bishop, and he was just being an A-hole.

I think it's sad that this great church of missionary work and conversions would only consider saving one young woman's soul (and she was apparently searching according to I'm with you) after she's already died. Very sad.

I also think it's very sad that I would go in to speak to the official leadership of the local area, the church's recognized authority, and find that I'm only talking to him as an individual, and he was just being an A-hole.

So strange isn't it? This is the one true church, and when you go in to a bishop to talk about important things, you are actually just talking to an A-hole - in the one true church.

I listened to Jeffery R Holland's talk about the persecution the LDS church faces, one of the first talks in conference (and that was one of the few talks I listened to), and well, I really can't say I have any sympathy for the church if they're trying to get you to obsess over this "gospel" only to have church leaders who behave like "A-holes" who will only move to baptize a searching young woman after she's already dead.

I have no sympathy for this church. If the Bishop was just being an A-hole, as my dad has indicated to me, then I really have no sympathy for the LDS-persecution-complex.

I offered my whole life to God, I offered my whole life to the LDS church, and I was rejected. They either didn't want my service or didn't care for my salvation or exaltation.

I was raised by this church, I was gung-ho about this religion, and they couldn't even be friends with me after I offered them my whole lifetime of service. My lifetime of service wasn't enough for the highest degree.

And then a Bishop of the one true church is actually just being an A-hole while he's acting in his position as bishop.

No sympathy really.

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