Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mormonism Doesn't Make Sense

Yesterday I sent a message saying to the Stake President that I suddenly saw the church in a positive light again, and maybe someday I will return.

I wake up this morning, and I realize that I am actually confused out of my mind by the LDS church.

In Jeremiah 31 the Lord says the Jews, or the covenant people of the old covenant, broke the covenant.

So, in Nephi 29, what am I supposed to understand about how "God will not forget his ancient covenant people, and turn the pain back on the head of the oppressor"?

The Jews broke their covenant, so now God is going to remember the covenant and punish the people who punished the Jews???

Even from the perspective of Jews being early Christians in 2nd Nephi 29, well, he refers to these Jews as 'Ancient covenant people' ---- the new covenant was hardly ancient at the time the early christians were being persecuted.

So, what we have here is ancient covenant Jews who broke their covenant who disregarded Jesus and saved the Gentiles so Jesus avenged these covenant breakers by remembering the covenant and turning the oppression back on the heads of the oppressors.

I am seriously confused.

And it doesn't even make sense to say that the ancient covenant is the new covenant.... it hardly makes sense at least.

Anyway, yeah, so the ancient covenant people somehow saved the gentiles and though they broke their covenant God is going to turn around and punish their oppressors. OK?

And then lets not forget that later in Jeremiah 31 that God is so ever merciful, forgetful and forgiving in the New Covenant, which is why Vaughn J Featherstone says it's so wrong to drink Caffeine - right?

I mean, God wrote his law in our hearts, and he loves us and is so merciful that when we break the law of not drinking caffeine we have tainted our purity, and therefore God will no longer bless us - right? because he's so merciful and forgiving right???

It's so confusing --- this is a church where everyone has to be so perfect according to a zillion rules even as they're required to forgive the breaking of any rule ----- I mean, how can we be required to forgive everything even as we are also required to be so perfect all the time?

Spencer W Kimball says it takes a lot of hard work and effort to gain forgiveness from God, but in Jeremiah 31 God says his New Covenant says "for I will forgive their iniquity and remember their sin no more". So, God just forgives us and loves us, but somehow according to mormonism it takes a lot of work to actually achieve that forgiveness.

I mean, Vaughn J Featherstone demands that we not drink caffeine, but if I do doesn't he have to forgive me unless he's guilty of the greater sin?? Then why does he have to stand there shaming us about caffeine - he's already not forgiving it!

So yeah, to summarize:

God forgives a lot, but the mormons think it's hard work to earn all that forgiveness. You have to be perfect in mormonism, even as you also have to forgive everyone's imperfections. You have to be so perfect you cannot even drink caffeine, but you have to forgive everyone else who does. Therefore you are perfect and you aren't going to berate anyone about drinking caffeine, but those who do drink caffeine have hard work ahead of them to be forgiven by God, even though God is so merciful and forgiving it shouldn't matter in the least if you ever consumed caffeine.

And then the ancient covenant people who broke the covenant somehow saved the gentiles and were avenged by the Lord who remembered their ancient covenant??? ?????

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