Friday, April 25, 2014

It was just so stupid - it still drives me crazy today

I was just remembering a little bit of history from my life, and though the whole story I'm about to explain wasn't completely mentioned in my book - it was a part of the story and it just drove me bonkers thinking about it now.

1) My Bishop wants me to obey my parents.
2) My Bishop doesn't want me to listen to Popular Music.
3) My parents listen to popular music.
4) I'm not allowed to rebel against my parents even if Jesus says I can.
5) I'm not allowed to listen to the music even if Jesus likes talents.
6) I have to listen to my parents and not listen to popular music even though my parents listen to popular music.
7) It was just so stupid. Complete idiocy. And then you aren't even allowed to criticize the bishop's decision making.

Yes, the above 7 points about what happened in my life drove me mad. I need a psychiatrist because of things like that.

Let's look at another problem involving the old Stake President which he sent me in that old letter that got my very annoyed:

1) My patriarchal blessing says I'd hear the voice of the holy ghost and work miracles.
2) The stake president denies such a voice exists.
3) The stake president wants me to obey my psychiatrist, which means I have to deny the miracles too.
4) The stake president feels my patriarchal blessing will come true as I mature in the gospel.
5) ??? I mean, we just denied the very essence of my PB, and now he's telling me it could really come true even though we've denied it!
6) You seriously aren't allowed to criticize the leaders.

Ugh. Living through that church drove me crazy. We always have to listen to these old men who cannot be criticized - but their decision making wasn't making any sense.

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