Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good News about my psychiatry

Good news.

Today I saw my psychiatrist. Two things I want to mention that are good news.

1) My psychiatrist actually told me that I have my head screwed on properly. I'm still on medication, they're not taking me off that, but the doctor told me I have my head screwed on properly. The thing she mentioned directly afterwards was how it's good that I'm tackling my debt so well. Anyway, even though I admitted that there might've been some kind of truth or reality to the LDS church as evidenced by my patriarchal blessing, the doctor determined that I have my head screwed on properly. This is good because in my own mind it re-opens a glimmer of hope that I might someday get married.

2) The nurse, when she was talking to me, said that it's likely that each individual Mormon has to have their own epiphany before they realize the truth. That is more or less what my nurse said --- saying that talking to them does no good, they each have to have their own epiphanies in order to understand the truth. The reason this is good is because in my dictionary the basic definition of "epiphany" (which is the word she used) is "A Divine Manifestation".

Therefore:: Divine manifestations are now (maybe) allowed along with me thinking properly. Yay!!!

As for ever getting married, my dad and I realize I'll have to pay off my debt completely as well as get another source of income before I can really think about dating. Being completely insane completely shuts down any hope of marriage, being head-screwed-on-right means I might have a possibility of getting married, but actually having an income makes it "if I find someone it could happen".

Of course, the nurse also said it would be better if I didn't obsess about the church so much. I agree - I am wasting my time, it's a matter of finding something else to do and completely fixing my brain. Of course, I also realized that the LDS church TRIES to get you to obsess over them, with all the praying, attendance, and at least 30 minutes of scripture study each day, preferably The Book of Mormon.

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