Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feeling the Holy Ghost against the church

Today I was just thinking about various aspects of my life and all this stuff involving the church.

I was telling my father that there's a huge possibility that the LDS church isn't really true -- and my dad agreed that there is something very wrong with the organization.

And you know what? Even though I'm talking and thinking about how the LDS church actually ISN'T true, I feel the holy ghost inside.

I feel those warm holy-ghost feelings right now inside of me, as I talk about how the LDS church is actually a wrong organization.

Either the Holy Ghost has turned against the LDS church, or those types of thoughts and feelings have no actual relationship with the truth, whether it be for or against the church.

I feel the holy ghost. In my mind I figured out a very big set of ways that the LDS church isn't true, and I feel the holy ghost inside my heart. The feeling isn't trying to turn me away from thinking the church isn't true - it's just a feeling, and if the church could define the feeling, the feeling is just telling me the truth about how the church isn't true.

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