Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boyd K Packer's talk "The Witness"

I just had a quick scroll-through of talks from LDS general conference, seeing which title was most interesting to me.

Boyd K Packer's talk "The Witness" looked the most interesting, from title alone.

Apparently President Packer has seen Jesus Christ. That is a compelling testimony to help someone understand that the LDS church is true.

And I also have my own personal testimony of some kind of magical truth or reality in the LDS church.

So why have I separated from the church so much?

Though certain propaganda I've seen does confuse me about how the church could possibly be true if the propaganda is true::: the biggest basic reason I've separated so far from the LDS church is because the people aren't right, to put it simply.

I've seen enough crap from LDS people that I have no desire to unite with them anymore. If you want details read other writings and blog posts by myself - I don't feel like beating that dead horse right now.

Elder Packer mentioned something about receiving blessings from making and keeping covenants. Hmmm. This sounds promising, but I know that the church always made a big deal in my life about how much you are supposed to never masturbate -- and I was never able to follow that rule, so I guess my blessings are all gone --- just because I'm too freakishly horny.

There was so much I could have done with my life, but plans have been derailed so badly (in part due to really bad leadership in the LDS church) and now God just tells me that I can do whatever I want. I have no real guidance about any efforts that I should be exerting for anything --- God just tells me to do whatever I want. I am completely free now. I would have had things to do with my life, but certain LDS people (including leaders) can't be trusted to make good choices, so I just putter about freely now.

And, of course, President Packer makes a note of how he is unable to share exactly what happened to him that developed his testimony to a point of knowing the truth. I am personally capable of sharing things that happen in my life, but somehow the wisdom of the aged seems to indicate that we don't share those stories.

But it's a little sad that I couldn't even trust a bishop with the story isn't it?

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