Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Post on my Political Stance

I just thought I'd share my political leanings again:

When I was growing up, in american politics I was very certainly supportive of the Republicans.

Now I am much more Democratic-minded. From all I understand, the Democrats make more sense to me, last time I checked.

As for my native-home-country of Canada, or more specifically my home province of Alberta::

I do have socialist leanings, and I do like the NDP (New Democratic Party) in a number of ways, but my Father has made me aware that NDP governments usually go deep into debt, apparently.

I am happy living under Canadian Conservatives - I have no real complaints there.

I have things to support about most parties, but in Alberta I think I am more solidly a Wildrose supporter now, from the things I've understood.

As for Canadian Feds, It's a toss-up between the Conservatives or the NDP. I'm comfortable with our current Conservative Government, so maybe I'll end up voting Conservative again. Who knows. (but to be clear: I have voted NDP multiple times in the past).

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